St. Louis Zoo seeks 'citizen scientists'

The zoo is encouraging people to become volunteers for a program called FrogWatch USA and monitor frogs and toads in their yards, parks, fields — anywhere they encounter them.

Sad end in mysterious abandoned baby case

Authorities are now searching for whoever killed 30-year-old Ebony Jackson.

Kansas City mom convicted of selling meth in children's' presence

A Clay County jury took only 40 minutes Tuesday to convict Lori Owsley of two counts of delivery of methamphetamines. Jurors recommended a 22-year prison sentence.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Awareness and training help protect children

Specifically, children can be taught basic, age-appropriate lessons on boundaries and inappropriate touching. Parents are urged to observe and monitor interactions between their children and other adolescents and adults.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Ed Martin finally wins an election, to the shame of the GOP

Mainstream Republicans who hope to see their party regain statewide prowess are aghast at Mr. Martin’s election.

Brown leads Missouri men's basketball to victory in SEC opener

The Missouri men's basketball team won its Southeastern Conference opener 84-68 against Alabama on Tuesday night at Mizzou Arena.

Hitt Records addresses Columbia fans' hunger for vinyl

Kyle Cook and Tylor Bacon have opened Hitt Records on the top floor of the Ragtag Cinema building. They want their customers to have the full vinyl experience.

Bowers hurt in Missouri men's basketball victory

Laurence Bowers, a fifth year senior, a veteran leader, a vital member of the No. 10-ranked team in the nation and the leading scorer, will have an MRI on his knee Wednesday.

Sullivan files with city clerk to run for mayor

Sid Sullivan begins campaign to unseat Mayor Bob McDavid. 

Columbia Public Works sets meetings on sewer lines, airport projects

The public can comment on proposals to install sewer lines in southwest Columbia and an environmental review of airport projects.

UPDATE: New Missouri Republican chair plans more aggressive approach

Party chairman Ed Martin said Republicans need to do a better job of defining their opponents in the Democratic Party.

ROSE NOLEN: It's time to address immigration

In America, we need to get a handle on work. If there are jobs to be done and not enough money to pay to have them done, then we need to figure out what we are going to do about it.

Missouri victim fights sexual abuse by teachers

The Amy Hestir Student Protection Act requires school districts to provide information about former employees to other school districts if the employees have been fired or resigned because of substantiated sexual misconduct allegations.

GENE ROBERTSON: Support for unemployed important for all of us

The unemployed need to be able to use the unemployment benefits extension to invigorate their job search as well as plan and adapt to living at a new level for a longer period of time.

Conference play brings tougher competition for Missouri men's basketball team

The Southeastern Conference is here, the inaugural season for the Missouri men's basketball team, with a schedule that is sure to test the No. 10-ranked team in the nation.

Engineering firm requests Parkside Estates hearing be tabled

Developers are talking with neighbors about amendments to plans for a subdivision adjacent to Rock Bridge Memorial State Park.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Time for a change in Senate filibuster rules

Infrequently used, a filibuster might have merit in extremely rare circumstances for the minority in our Senate, however this tool has become just about as common place as bathroom breaks.


Fire department approved for Homeland Security grant

Pending approval from City Council, the grant will allow for the department to hire five new firefighters.

UPDATE: Committee says Missouri needs up to $1 billion annually for transportation

The transportation panel decided not to suggest a specific funding plan. Instead, the committee pointed to several options lawmakers could consider, including bonds, toll roads, increasing the state sales tax or raising the fuel tax.

RSV cases spiking in St. Louis area

November to February is the prime window for transmission of the virus.