SHOW ME THE RECORDS: MU Police Department blotter, daily activity log

The MU Police Department's blotter is an excellent way to obtain information and stay up-to-date with recent campus police activity.

Missouri senator seeks to move primary elections to June

State Sen. John Lamping said a June primary would give candidates more time to communicate with voters before the November general elections.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Missouri tearing down barriers to energy efficiency

Common sense would dictate that our electric utilities — which largely decide what resources to invest in for providing electricity services — should make energy efficiency a top priority, invest in all of the cost-effective energy efficiency it can possibly capture, and only then invest in more costly power plants

WHAT OTHERS SAY: For a relaxing time, ride along U.S. 36 corridor

A new bike route along the corridor that emphasizes historical landmarks makes the trip from St. Joseph to Hannibal a peaceful and interesting ride.


In State of the Union, Obama expected to stress jobs, gun control

In the wake of the Newtown, Conn., shootings and with the economy still struggling to make a comeback, the president will address proposals to increase gun control and boost job numbers.

Gov. Nixon proposes $3 million for drug task forces

The governor's budget plan for next year would provide $3 million for drug task forces — a move he said is necessary because of a planned cut in federal funding.

Missouri Senate committee to take up prevailing wage

The measure sponsored by Republican Sen. Dan Brown of Rolla would eliminate the wage used by cities, counties and other government entities to pay for construction projects.

WATCH LIVE VIDEO: Obama delivers State of the Union address

President Barack Obama is delivering the State of the Union address to Congress on Tuesday evening in Washington. YouTube is streaming live video of the president's speech from the White House website.