White House details budget fallout amid blame game

With a Friday deadline looming, few are optimistic that a realistic alternative to the cuts would be reached. Missouri could lose funding for education, military operations and health services if the cuts take effect.

Missouri House committee to consider Medicaid expansion

A House committee is scheduled to hear testimony Monday on a Democratic proposal to expand eligibility for the Medicaid health care program.

Stephens basketball ends season with loss in American Midwest Conference tournament

The No. 9-seeded Stars finished the season 7-23 overall and 4-14 in the AMC.

Subcontractor in deadly Kansas City blast lacked permit

City officials said a cable company subcontractor suspected of rupturing a natural gas line at JJ's restaurant near the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City did not have an approved permit for the work it was doing.

Damage estimated at $2.8 billion in 2011 Mississippi River flood

More than 21,000 homes and businesses and 1.2 million acres of agricultural land were affected, and more than 43,000 people felt some effects.

Missouri Senate endorses bill exempting children from farm work limits

The Senate measure would exempt children from getting a work certificate and from limitations on the number of hours and days they can work.

Storm forces flights cancellations to and from Kansas City airport

Passengers were urged to check with their airlines before heading to Kansas City International Airport.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Tax amnesty — collecting money comes at a cost

Participants in the proposed program must comply with state tax laws for eight years or incur renewal of penalties and interest that was waived.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: What to do with yesterday's monuments to public education

While scaring away potential buyers is a risk, school districts need to make sure closed properties are used as intended by buyers.

Missouri Supreme Court to hear 2 prominent court cases

A school transfer case focuses on a law requiring unaccredited school districts to pay for sending students to nearby districts.