WORLD BRIEFLY: Benedict XVI officially leaves office as pope

The Obama administration is asking the Supreme Court to overturn the California gay marriage ban.


WHAT OTHERS SAY: Missouri's wrong way on Medicaid expansion

A bill introduced by Rep. Jay Barnes would expand Medicaid limits for adults, but only to 100 percent of the poverty level. The bill would likely rule out the state receiving any added federal funds.

Texas A&M rewards Sumlin with raise after impressive debut season

Texas A&M coach Kevin Sumlin led the Aggies to an 11-2 record in 2012. He will now make $3.1 million per year.

Missouri House approves workplace discrimination bill

House members voted 94-55 to pass the measure Thursday.

Missouri Senate endorses bill curbing nuisance lawsuit

The bill given initial approval Thursday would bar nuisance lawsuits over air, water or solid waste emissions that have been authorized and aren't in violation of a law, permit or court order.


Missouri House endorses school report card legislation

Principals could provide up to 250 words of context or background on the scores.


Missouri Senate sends tax credit overhaul to House

The Senate's 27-7 vote Thursday sends the bill to the House, where it already faces some opposition.

Missouri Senate sends tax credit overhaul to House

Legislation passed by the Missouri Senate could scale back tax breaks for developers and offer new incentives for high-tech businesses and world trade.

Missouri lawmaker wants to eliminate daylight saving

A Republican House member wants the state to get rid of daylight saving time but only if 20 other states agree to do the same.

Wireless connections creep into everyday things

In the next wave of wireless, machines will talk to machines. New companies are developing tools based on the idea of the "Internet of Everything."