LETTER TO THE EDITOR: To find peace, we must let go of fear

until we learn how to live with people different from "us," we shall always have fear of "them." And as we live in fear we will continue to have conflicts. We must understand 'one love' for all.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Don't let Congress take away our rights

The government doesn't have the right to erode the constitutional rights of its citizens because they're not the source of those rights.

Vote for MU non-tenure-track faculty voting rights postponed

MU's Faculty Council is still determining which online voting system to use and whether to accept proposed changes to the wording of a motion that, in effect, would give non-tenure-track faculty voting rights.

FROM READERS: Winners of the Optimist Clubs of Columbia 2012-2013 oratorical contest

Pat Brown, the chair of the oratorical committee and member of the Downtown Optimist Club, shares the first, second and third place winners of the 2012-13 oratorical contest.

Lillie 'Bea' Smith loved gardening, getting things done

Lillie Beatrice "Bea" Smith noted for her attention to detail, gardening, cooking, agricultural interests and being an avid Missouri Tigers football fan.

Lillie Beatrice Smith, July 1, 1921 — March 10, 2013, of Columbia

Lillie Beatrice Smith of Columbia died peacefully in her home on Sunday. She was 91. 

FROM READERS: '52 degree ode,' a poem inspired by warmer weather

Margaret Prezioso-Frye shares her latest poem, which is inspired by the warmer weather Columbia experienced over the weekend.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: Columbia/Boone County live and work profile

The Regional Economic Development Inc. provides a profile of the characteristics of Columbia's residents and workers.

SUNSHINE WEEK: Redaction causes delays in getting court files

The 67 clerks of courts in Florida are required to convert to an electronic system by the end of this year. The offices are in various stages of meeting that goal.

America's new love: water

As more blame has been put on soda for causing obesity, water has slowly risen to the top as Americans' favorite drink.

Sheryl Sandberg is on a mission to elevate women

In Sandberg's new book "Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead," she hopes to arm women with the tools and guidance to keep moving forward in the workforce.

UPDATE: Changes proposed to Missouri utility bill

The legislation would let utilities seek an infrastructure surcharge between formal rate cases.

Food Banks gets $1 million grant

The Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri in Columbia was one of four food banks in the state to receive a grant.

Few open jobs in Royals camp too close to call

The Royals have perhaps the fewest job competitions of any team in the major leagues this spring, mostly because they have one of the youngest, most promising groups of position players in the game.

Cardinals manager Mike Matheny undergoes back surgery

The 42-year-old second-year coach needed to repair a ruptured disk in his lower back.

Missouri state parks had 18 million visitors last year

Missouri has 80 state parks and historic sites. The annual visitor numbers are generated from reported monthly attendance at 67 of those parks.

Missouri House endorses health care conscience measure

House Speaker Tim Jones, who is sponsoring the legislation, said conscience rights are a bedrock principle that has been applied for a long time in the U.S. He said the legislation protects workers' rights and claimed support from both political parties and men and women.

Highway patrol: Two survivors swam out of Ohio crash

Two teens who escaped a crash that killed six friends in a swampy pond in Ohio wriggled out of the wreckage by smashing a rear window.

Earthquake shakes wide area of Southern California

The Monday morning quake had an estimated magnitude of 4.7.

Sen. McCaskill probing Energy Department grants

Sen. Claire McCaskill said she has concerns about the agency's ability to oversee grants after recent reports that a grant intended for the manufacture of electric car batteries was used by a Michigan company to pay idle workers.