Columbia author Steven Wise wins autobiographical tweet challenge

Steven Wise beat hundreds of other Twitter users who submitted 140-character autobiographies.

ANALYSIS: Republicans, Democrats hold tight to rival federal budget plans with political ends in mind

While President Obama has spent the past week wooing lawmakers on both sides of the aisle, the two parties remain just as ardently opposed on the federal budget as ever.

FROM READERS: Shakespeare's fundraiser will support teen leaders

Shakespeare's is holding a 15 percent Back At Ya on Thursday to raise money to send members of Students' Say to New York.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: House bill would take health decisions away from women, families

HB 386 bans abortions based on genetic abnormalities. Women and their families should make decisions about abortions, not legislators.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Ian Thomas is a good fit for City Council

Ian Thomas is a true consensus builder and someone who will put in the work to involve citizens, gain the benefit of their point of view, seek common ground and then do the work to translate the process into action.

Columbia College softball postpones home opener

Weather and field conditions forced Columbia College and Williams Baptist College to postpone their double-header previously scheduled for Wednesday.

Columbia College women's basketball loses to Shawnee State in NAIA tournament

The Cougars lost 62-56 to Shawnee State on Wednesday in the NAIA national tournament in Frankfort, Ky. The Cougars end their season at 27-7.

Mississippi State defeats South Carolina 70-59 in SEC tourney

Mississippi State (10-21) advanced to a second-round game Thursday against No. 5 seed Tennessee (19-11).

Smith introduced as new quarterback of Chiefs

The former San Francisco 49ers quarterback was introduced at a news conference at the Chiefs' training facility on Wednesday, capping a whirlwind day of physicals and meetings and finishing off a process that began when the two sides agreed to a trade two weeks ago.

Missouri lawmakers renew charitable tax credits

The bill, given final approval Wednesday, would renew tax credits for several state programs, but would cut aid to families that adopt children from outside of Missouri.

How budget cuts could affect you

Many government funded agencies are downsizing to comply with automatic budget cuts. This includes Head Start student programs, among other major administrations.

Study shows that radiation for breast cancer can harm hearts

New research shows that radiation can make arteries more prone to harden and clog, leading to an increased risk for cardiac problems.

Newtown school tries to return to normal in aftermath of mass shooting

Students and staff from Sandy Hook Elementary School have changed buildings since the massacre. Adults are doing their best to restore the feelings of safety at school.

Report: Gas vapors caused Kansas City restaurant fire

The Kansas City Fire Department and the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosive said a fatal explosion and fire at a Kansas City restaurant last month were sparked by natural gas vapors in the restaurant.

IRS: Tax glitch affects about 660,000 returns

The Internal Revenue Service says the problem involved a form used to claim educational credits and occurred between Feb. 14 and Feb. 22. A statement from the IRS says a "limited number of software company products" were involved.

Latin American Catholics express joy about election of Pope Francis

In Buenos Aires, cars honked their horns as the news spread and television announcers screamed with elation and surprise and Catholics began flooding toward the cathedral.

Tough northern winter forces owls south in hunt for food

The highest number of dead owls have been seen in Minnesota, where the winter started out relatively mild but turned snowy in February. And since then, has turned crusty, making it hard for owls to catch the mice underneath.

Black smoke again: Cardinals don't agree on pope

The cardinals broke for lunch at the Vatican hotel and planned another two rounds of voting Wednesday afternoon.

UPDATE: Missouri attorney general, prosecutors announce anti-smurfing effort

"Smurfing" involves people buying cold and allergy medicines containing pseudoephedrine and selling them to meth makers.

UPDATE: Missouri appears poised to pass sports incentives legislation

The bill would provide local governments or nonprofit groups that sponsor amateur sports events a tax credit of $5 for every ticket sold.