Rams sign free agent tight end Jared Cook

The Rams also remain in the hunt for free agent tackle Jake Long. 


Former Rams running back Steven Jackson signs with Falcons

After eight straight seasons with more than 1,000 yards rushing for the Rams, Steven Jackson signed a three-year, $12 million contract with the Falcons on Thursday.

Cardinals manager Mike Matheny returns to team after back surgery

The Cardinals' second-year manager was experiencing pain that stemmed from a ruptured disk in his back.

Justice Department charges 8 in Missouri paddlefish poaching

Eight people have been accused of illegally trafficking paddlefish caviar out of western Missouri. Paddlefish are valued because their eggs can be processed into caviar.

UPDATE: Missouri Senate OKs sales tax bump for transportation

The sales tax proposal was given final approval Thursday and will now to the House.

Boone County among growing Missouri counties according to new census data

The census data shows that Missouri's population grew by about 13,000 to 6,021,988 in the one-year period ending July 1. That's a growth rate of 0.2 percent.

NCAA enforcement chief Duncan has 18 months to prove worth

Jonathan Duncan replaces Julie Roe Lach, who was forced out following the botched Miami investigation.

WORLD BRIEFLY: Pope Francis ushers in new style of papacy

In other top stories, the Transportation Security Administration intends to move forward with its plan to allow small knives on planes.

Physicists say they have found a Higgs boson

It took more than two decades, thousands of scientists and mountains of data from trillions of colliding protons, but scientists say they believe they have found the type of particle involved in forming atoms.

Columbia resident Kroenke to purchase Outdoor Network

Stan Kroenke also owns the Denver Nuggets NBA franchise and the NHL's Colorado Avalanche.


Cardinal Timothy Dolan's mother relieved he isn't pope

Shirley Dolan said she knows her son would have made a great pope, but he wouldn't be able to return home if he had become the pope.

Missouri Senate passes union paycheck deduction bill

State Senate approves bill requiring unions to seek consent before deducting fees from paychecks.

PepsiCo Inc. to remove brominated vegetable oil from Gatorade

After hearing "consumer rumblings" over the past year, the PepsiCo Inc. has agreed to remove brominated vegetable oil, an ingredient found in flame retardants, from Gatorade.

Senate votes for easier dismissal of bad teachers

Missouri law now allows tenured teachers in St. Louis to be terminated for "inefficiency" on the job but not for incompetence.

Missouri House panel backs military medal legislation

The bill would let the state treasurer's office publicize photos of lost military medals and information about how they were earned in an effort to get them back to their owners.