Missouri transportation director to resign

The department announced Thursday that Kevin Keith's medical leave is effective immediately and he will resign July 1.

Anniversary of American Care Act finds two Americas

The number of people who voluntarily sign up for the program will largely depend on the state's political culture.

Scientists find universe is 80 million years older than previously believed

Scientists seem to have gotten a good handle on the Big Bang and what happened just afterward, and may actually understand a bit more about the cosmic question of how we are where we are.

Mayors press for federal focus on Mississippi River

The river has experienced both flooding and drought in the last two years, threatening a river that supplies drinking water to millions and is a major shipping corridor.

Replacement of tornado-ravaged Joplin High School starts

The first structural beams for the new three-story school were dropped into place Wednesday morning, KOAM reported.


UPDATE: Parolee in Texas shootout may be linked to death of prison chief

Evan Spencer Ebel, 28, was driving a Cadillac in Texas that matched the description of the vehicle seen leaving the home of a Colorado prison chief, who held two degrees from MU, was shot.


Mo. Catholic bishops want birth control appeal

The state's bishops argue that people should not be forced to pay for birth control if it is against their beliefs.

Nixon touts $1.2 billion trade agreement with South Korea

Nixon said Thursday that the state had entered into compacts with the Korea International Trade Association, the Korea-U.S. Economic Council and the Korea Importers Association.

Volunteers plan cleanup of Civil War sites

The Civil War Trust is coordinating the cleanup April 6, dubbed Park Day. Nationwide, more than 100 historic sites in 24 states will be cleaned.

DNA test shows Missouri hunter shot wolf last year

The hunter who shot the animal in Howard County in October thought it was a coyote.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Lowering income taxes to lure or keep business in Missouri won't work

Funds to local governments, schools, human services, even infrastructure will have to be cut to accommodate that deficit, which is exactly what Kansas is facing with projected revenue more than $700 million short of budgeted expenditures after passing a similar law last year.

PHOTO GALLERY: Missouri Tigers face Colorado State in NCAA Tournament

Colorado State beat the Missouri men's basketball team 84-72 in the Tigers' first game in the 2013 NCAA Tournament on Thursday evening in Lexington, Ky.