Rare identical triplets born in St. Louis area

Some estimates put the odds of having identical triplets as high as 1 in 60,000 births.

Cape Girardeau voters reject deer hunt in city

By a vote of 1,485 to 1,279, voters on Tuesday ended a long controversy by repealing an ordinance that allowed deer hunting.

UPDATE: Nixon open to GOP Medicaid proposals

Gov. Jay Nixon said he's open to a private insurance model for Medicaid and to new co-payment requirements for participants.

UPDATE: Nixon denies ill intent with driver's license process

Gov. Jay Nixon responded to complaints about the new controversial licensing process. He said it's not an attempt to "mess with people" or comply with the federal Real ID law.

Missouri House passes school resource officer bill

The bill would allow school districts to hire resource officers directly and would strengthen the state's mandatory child abuse reporting laws.

Missouri welcome center gets environmental rating

The welcome center uses a ground-source heat pump, energy efficient lighting with occupancy sensors, low-volume toilets, temperature-controlled vending machines and sand-filtered wastewater treatment.