WHAT OTHERS SAY: A made-up gun scandal

Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder and legislators are trumping up a baseless allegation that the state Department of Revenue is compiling a secret gun database to share with the federal government.

Missouri Gov. Nixon seeks Medicaid answers from feds

Gov. Jay Nixon wants to know how much flexibility Missouri has to make market-based changes or require co-payments from adults earning up to 138 percent of the poverty level, which is about $27,000 annually for a family of three.

Panel of Missouri House GOP leaders gets lobbyist meals

One new panel consists only of House GOP leadership, and it is the only committee that has received meals from lobbyists.

Missouri moving forward with department reorganization

The legislature did not object, so three executive orders by Gov. Jay Nixon will take effect Aug. 208, shifting duties among departments.

Chris Koster to run for Missouri governor in 2016

Attorney General Chris Koster, a Democrat, has served as attorney general since 2009 and previously was a state senator and local prosecutor.

Schnucks hack: November audit found no problems

After falling victim to hackers, the company said it has found and contained the breach but advises customers to continue monitoring their accounts for fraudulent charges.

Missouri Senate panel agrees to $66 million school funding hike

The committee agreed to provide a $66 million increase in basic state aid to public elementary and secondary schools on top of a $3 billion core budget.

Missouri bill would let children see jailed parents more

The legislation endorsed Monday would set up a test program that would provide transportation for children who live more than 50 miles away from their parent's prison to visit them.

Missouri bill would excuse nursing moms from jury duty

Under the legislation, nursing mothers would be excused from jury duty upon submitting a written note from a doctor.

Kansas City woman arrested in fourth case of cat hoarding

The city removed 14 cats and a dog from Delores Metcalf's home Monday. Police said most of the animals are in fair condition.