Headlight flashing prosecution prompts suit

The ACLU said the prosecution violates the driver's First Amendment right to free speech.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Privacy, politics, permits and procedures

The controversy over Missouri's driver's license processing is a briar patch of thorny issues.

Research institutions launch digital public library with vast archive

The Digital Public Library of America began beta testing Thursday, promising a site with millions of materials ranging from images of George Washington to footage of Freedom Riders during the civil rights era.

MU faces big decisions with budget crunch ahead

An expected decline in enrollment growth, plus the limitations of space on campus, could limit the stream of tuition that has counterbalanced shrinking state funds.

Columbia Public Schools still playing catch-up with growth spurt

From 2003 to 2013, the district grew from 16,447 students to 17,722 students. The largest growth period occurred from 2004 to 2007.

City efforts on solar energy put Columbia on the map

A partnership between the city and a private firm to install solar arrays at the city-owned COLT Railroad facility has led to the largest solar site in Missouri. The rooftop installation is also the largest in the eight contiguous states.

Along with new wells, city plans to step up water conservation

Water and Light and H2O'C engineers hope to convince residents that water is not an infinite resource and teach easy ways to conserve water and save money.