Mary Dothage, Aug. 15, 1924 - April 22, 2013, of Columbia

Mary Dothage enjoyed traveling and spending time with friends and family.

COMO YOU KNOW: Columbia Cemetery

The Columbia Cemetery was established two centuries ago in 1820.

Blues top Avalanche 3-1, clinch playoff spot

The Blues have now made the playoffs in consecutive seasons for the first time since 2003-04.

Missouri Southern president, lawmakers want to cut 'global education' mission

The education bill removes the designation of Missouri Southern as a "statewide institution of international and global education."

College Football Playoff to replace BCS in 2014

Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas is the favorite to be the site of the first national championship game in the new system.

Decision day draws near as Chiefs hold No. 1 pick in draft

After going 2-14 to match the worst finish in franchise history, the Chiefs will have the top pick in the NFL draft for the first time.

Gov. Nixon's budget director disputes effectiveness of Missouri Senate cuts

A day after the Senate passed a budget plan packed with attention-grabbing cuts, an analysis of those cuts indicates that some could have unintended consequences.

WORLD BRIEFLY: Family says bomb suspect was pushed to radical Islam

Family members said Tamerlan Tsarnaev, one of two Boston Marathon bombing suspects, fell under the influence of a Muslim convert who steered him toward a strict strain of Islam.

Auburn removes poisoned oaks at Toomer's Corner

Workers used chain saws and heavy equipment to remove what was left of the once-lush hardwoods as throngs of people stood by taking photos, reminiscing and crying while crews dropped stumps next to piles of sawdust.

Missouri program to prevent ID card fraud might be canceled

A high-tech computer program that would match photos of people applying for or renewing their driver's licenses with of existing photos in the state's driver's license database, might lose funding or be canceled.

Missouri House sends bill to fund construction projects with bonds to committee

A proposal to issue $1.2 billion in bonds to fund construction projects at college campuses, parks and other state facilities has been sent back to a committee by the Missouri House of Representatives.

Monsanto Co. plans $400 million expansion of research center in suburban St. Louis

Monsanto Co. says it will add 36 new greenhouses, offices, laboratory space and "plant growth chambers," in an expansion planned for its research center in suburban St. Louis that could bring 675 jobs to the region.

Missouri House bill would have sheriffs print concealed carry licenses

Missouri's sheriffs already have the responsibility of receiving concealed carry applications, reviewing applicants' backgrounds and issuing paper permits.

Royals-Tigers game postponed by rain

No makeup date has been announced, so the two teams will play two games instead of three this week.

Wainright propels Cardinals over the Nationals in Washington shutout

Adam Wainwright (4-1) lowered his ERA to 1.93 by going 8 1-3 scoreless innings, allowing only five hits.

Missouri senators vote down federal Medicaid expansion

The Republican-led Senate voted down a Democratic attempt Monday night to insert $890 million of federal funds into Missouri's budget to expand Medicaid eligibility.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Congress needs a new river plan to address flood, drought cycle

Congress must find the political will to both elevate the importance of the Missouri and Mississippi rivers while recognizing the need for a plan that takes climate change into account.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Missouri lawmakers wined and dined by lobbyists

The same lawmakers that deplore citizen "takers" who ask for state services, such as Medicaid, are insistent on taking perks for themselves.

More rain expected for already swollen rivers

Overnight rain from Oklahoma to Michigan led the National Weather Service to heighten the forecast crest of some stretches of rivers while blunting the retreat of other waterways.

Missouri House endorses daylight saving legislation

The measure provides that once 20 states join a pact to move their clocks one hour ahead for good, all would do so and let the return to standard time come and go without moving clocks back that fall.