Barge breakaway causes small Mississippi River oil spill

Roughtly 300 gallons, the equivalent to seven barrels, of crude oil spilled early Friday into the Mississippi River near St. Louis.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Missouri and Kansas lawmakers are hard at work for gun lobby

Lawmakers are using Newtown as an impetus to propose gun laws designed to put more firearms into the hands of more people and to weaken what safety laws we have. Their behavior is shameful.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Dipping into an anti-bullying strategy

State lawmakers are considering legislation to require public school districts to adopt and enforce anti-bullying policies.

State turns over records in case of girl in closet

A caseworker and police officer found the then-10-year-old in the closet amid her own urine and feces and weighing just 32 pounds.

Missouri bill requires colleges to have tuberculosis tests

The program would be targeted at students and faculty who are considered at a "high-risk" for contracting tuberculosis.

California wildfire burns 10-mile path to Pacific

By the time it reached Pacific Coast Highway late Thursday night, the blaze had burned about 8,000 acres and had forced the evacuation of a university and thousands of people from hundreds of homes, officials said.