More than 100 St. Louis fast food workers go on strike

The typical fast food worker in St. Louis is 28 and makes about $8 an hour. Workers on strike are asking for $15 an hour to properly take care of their families.

King, Messiah: New baby names suggest high hopes

Jacob is the most popular for boys — again — and Sophia is the top name for girls, according to a list released Thursday.

Missouri bill targets United Nations agreement

The measure takes aim at "Agenda 21," a nonbinding UN agreement signed by 178 nations that encourages sustainable development.

Missouri River basin remains dryer than normal

The corps is predicting the amount of runoff flowing into the river basin this spring to be about 79 percent of normal.

Missouri House defeats evaluations for principals

The measure would only have imposed the new evaluation metrics on principals and administrators.

Rain causes worst drought area to retreat westward

Improved soil moisture is good news for Midwestern corn growers, who have been forced to delay planting corn because of rainstorms.

General orders extra review of nuclear crew failings

The Associated Press reported Wednesday that a March inspection of the 91st Missile Wing at Minot gave the missile crews the equivalent of a "D'' grade in missile operations, leading to the removal from duty of an unprecedented 17 officers.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Revenues raise exuberance for capital improvements

With state revenues on the rise, Gov. Jay Nixon has been prompted to increase the number of improvement projects he proposed in the State of the State address in January.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Time to collect taxes on Internet sales

Passage of this year's Marketplace Fairness Act would allow far more efficient collection of taxes already owed to states and others.

Missouri House passes $1.2 billion bonding initiative

With only one week remaining in the legislative session, the proposed constitutional amendment appears unlikely to win final approval.

Missouri bill to mandate newborn heart screening

The new mandate would begin for babies born in Missouri in 2014.

Missouri bill prohibits use of foreign laws

Supporters say it prevents Missouri courts from using policies that come from outside the United States that also violate constitutional guarantees.