Missouri lawmakers to seek sure funding for First Steps

The budget passed last week by the legislature would make about $20 million of funding for the First Steps program contingent on repealing a tax break for low-income seniors and disabled people who live in rental housing.

Missouri Senate panel backs funding for First Steps

The bill is intended to ensure there is no drop in funding for the First Steps program, which serves developmentally disabled children, nor for several other initiatives.

Police vow to solve shootings of 19 in New Orleans

At least three of the victims were seriously wounded. Of the rest, many were grazed and authorities said that, overall, most wounds were not life threatening.

Appellate judges to hear cases in southeast Missouri

Members of the public are invited to hear attorneys argue eight appeals from the trial court in Cape Girardeau County.

Historical society to plan for Missouri bicentennial

State lawmakers gave final approval to a resolution directing the State Historical Society of Missouri to develop proposals to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Missouri's birth as a state.