Missouri lawmakers approve veterans court measure

The state already has a small number of what are known as veterans treatment courts that handle cases involving current and former military personnel with mental health or substance abuse issues.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Nixon inconsistent with tax credits

As Missouri's legislative session is about to close, some are wondering why so little has been done with tax credit reform.

Missouri bill would let sheriffs collect jail fees

Missouri lawmakers have passed a measure that would allow county sheriffs to divert income tax refunds and lottery winnings to pay jail debts.

Petitioners hope to force voter OK for Kansas City airport changes

Group spokesman John Murphy says 3,500 signatures are needed to get the initiative on a ballot.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: In a leaks case, and a leaks investigation, who is helping whom?

The Justice Department's decision to issue blanket subpoenas for two months’ worth of records from 20 phone lines used by Associated Press reporters and editors raises questions about the administration's commitment to a truly free press.

Missouri lawmakers approve scrap metal measure

Legislation would require scrap metal dealers to collect more information from the people who sell them metal.