Tornadoes slam Plains, Midwest; 1 dead in Oklahoma

Forecasters had been warning of bad weather since last Wednesday and on Sunday said conditions had ripened for powerful tornadoes. Wall-to-wall broadcasts of storm information spread the word Sunday.

High crop prices entice farms to expand planting

Across the Midwest, farmers are planting crops on almost any scrap of available land to take advantage of consistently high corn and soybean prices.

Branson recovers from tornado, loss of stars

Fueled partly by rebuilding from a 2012 tornado that damaged some businesses on the city's main entertainment strip, new construction in 2012 was valued at $69.8 million and has reached $23.5 million through April of this year.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Reducing the number needed for 'one too many'

Making progress on the problem of reducing drinking and driving among both social drinkers and heavy drinkers is a matter of political will, say members of the National Transportation Safety Board.

Missouri lawmakers to study issues before 2014 session

Senate President Pro Tem Tom Dempsey said he is considering appointing at least three committees to study issues before the 2014 session.