Miller only lasts through sixth for Cardinals

St. Louis rookie right-hander Shelby Miller saw his streak of 14 2/3 innings end in a 4-2 loss Monday at San Diego.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Governor should veto bill aimed at state income tax cuts

Growth is predicated on a boom in business activity that supporters of the tax-cut bill expect once people figure out how tax-friendly Missouri has become.

Power of Moore tornado dwarfs Hiroshima bomb

The National Weather Service gave it the top-of-the-scale rating of EF-5 for wind speed and breadth and severity of damage.

Missouri life sentence for juveniles still in flux

The high court said states had to consider an offender's upbringing and role in the crime before sentencing a juvenile to life without parole.

Medicaid to remain on Gov. Nixon's agenda

Gov. Jay Nixon sent a letter Tuesday to supporters of Medicaid expansion calling this year's defeat a "temporary setback."

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Secondary offense, primary precaution

Public safety campaigns by a range of highway safety organizations repeatedly remind drivers and passengers of the importance of buckling up.

Missouri bill would analyze eating disorder coverage

The bill would require the Joint Committee on Legislative Research to do an actuarial analysis of the costs associated with the potential coverage mandate.

Measure allows PSC to intervene in federal cases

A bill restoring the commission's authority cleared the legislature before it adjourned last week.

UPDATE: Growers making up for lost time in planting corn

The U.S. Department of Agriculture says 71 percent of the corn crop in key grain states is sowed.

Medical examiner: 24 dead in Oklahoma twister

The estimated death toll was cut by more than half. A spokeswoman said some victims were counted twice in the early chaos of the storm that struck Monday afternoon.