Wrestling on International Olympic Committee short list

Three months after wrestling got kicked out of the 2020 Olympics, the ancient sport is back in the frame and will compete against baseball-softball and squash for a spot in the games.

College football playoff architects won't be allowed to pick teams

The commissioners are still working on the structure of the selection committee for the new postseason system that starts in 2014, but they have eliminated themselves from consideration.

SEC coaches plan to avoid offseason jabs, jokes

Thanks partly to the growth of social media as well as a few recent slipups, Southeastern Conference football coaches are staying away from one-liners aimed at heated rivals.

Health insurance plans might need replacement under Affordable Care Act

The 14 million Americans who currently purchase their health policies individually might need to change their insurance plan this fall, when policies that don't match Affordable Care Act standards will be canceled.

Smoldering landfill near St. Louis could threaten nuclear waste

A layer of trash has been burning at the Bridgeton Landfill near St. Louis since at least 2010. The fire is just 1,200 feet away from another landfill that holds radioactive waste dating to the 1940s.

Midwest braces for another round of spring flooding as rivers rise

The Mississippi River could reach its highest level in St. Louis in nearly two decades.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Springfield loses its hometown visionary

John Q. Hammons was known as a builder and innovator in Springfield. The death of the man who built up a city and supported medical, academic and athletic advances comes as a large loss.

U.S. companies begin to offer phased retirement for employees

Phased retirement programs reduce hours and permit retirees to continue to work on part-time, flexible schedules.

U.S. hospitals should turn to intensive care decontamination, study suggests

U.S. hospitals usually screen patients to stop the spread of infections caused by methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus or MRSA.

Women now top earners in 4 of 10 US households with children

The number of American women who are the top earners in their families increased to 40 percent of households with children, according to a recent study by the Pew Research Center.

Kansas City plans to install solar panels on city buildings

Solar power energy company Brightergy will team up with Kansas City Power & Light to provide 80 Kansas City buildings with solar units.

St. Joseph City Council denies public vote on smoking ban

The St. Joseph City Council removed the proposal to allow the public to vote on a city smoking ban after a months-long debate.

Study finds sick passengers almost always survive in-flight medical emergencies

For nearly half of in-flight medical emergencies, there is a doctor on board who can help, and most of these do not require diverting the plane.