Some states push against Common Core school standards

Some states are resisting the Common Core standards, which are widely being implemented nationwide, due to issues including increased costs, harder tests and curriculum control.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Gov. Nixon must reject bad bills on taxes, guns, abortion, workers’ rights

Republican majorities in the Missouri House and Senate reduce the chances that Gov. Jay Nixon will veto bills, but there's a chance these bills might not be approved.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Farm bill should benefit more than big agriculture

Farm bills, created during the Depression to protect family farms, have morphed into programs that subsidize corporate agribusiness, often at the expense of family farmers.

At a glance: Nine states have second thoughts about Common Core

In Missouri, a bill that would have required the state education department to estimate the cost of implementing the standards and to hold statewide hearings about them failed. The legislative session has wrapped up.

Oklahoma twister debris would create mile-high pile

The tornado that ripped through Moore, Okla., left behind a trail of destruction 17 miles wide. Before rebuilding the town, residents must get through the cleanup.

Wal-Mart pleads guilty in hazardous waste case, will pay $86.1 million

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. pleaded guilty in federal court to improperly disposing of fertilizer, pesticides and other hazardous products. The $81.6 million fines will be used in part to fund projects to help the environment.

DEA disagrees with Missouri company's meth-resistant claims

The Drug Enforcement Administration says chemists were able to produce meth with the product Zephrex-D despite a pharmaceutical company's claims that it could not be used for that purpose.

Economic gains boost US confidence to 5-year high

Consumer confidence has climbed to the highest level since February 2008, two months after the beginning of the Great Recession.

Program at Jefferson City National Cemetery honors veterans

Nearly 250 people gathered to honor veterans during a Memorial Day program at the Jefferson City National Cemetery. One hundred veterans who died this year were honored during the Two Bell Ceremony.

DEAR READER: You could be a criminal for publishing a name

You might be thinking the legislature only intended to stop news media from publishing lists of gun permit holders. If so, legislators were in need of an editor because the bill as written takes a broader whack at the First Amendment protections of free speech and free press.

Council asks for ordinance allowing for third-party rental inspections

The move could give city inspectors more time to focus on problem properties and landlords more flexibility.

GUEST COMMENTARY: It's scandal season at the Obama White House

The Obama White House is dealing with a number of scandals right now but none are deserving of impeachment.

Steady rain brings road closures, risk of flash flooding

Fire Department warns against trying to cross flooded roads.


Mayor of Oklahoma town familiar with tornadoes

Mayor Glenn Lewis is working quickly to restore Moore, Okla. after surveying the damage from the EF5 tornado that tore through the town last week. His efforts are directed at maintaining a sense of normalcy among residents, he said.

Sales of camp sites throw Girl Scouts into turmoil

Nationwide, Girl Scout councils are confronting intense opposition as they sell camps that date back to the 1950s and earlier. The properties have become financially draining as interest in camp dwindles, but defenders say the camping experience shaped who they are and the tradition must be preserved.

Obama to nation: Don't take US troops for granted

In his Memorial Day Speech at Arlington National Cemetery, President Barak Obama asked the nation to remember the sacrifices being made by the armed force's brave men and women.

Suspect arrested after shooting, car chase

The victim of the shooting, whom police said was the suspect's girlfriend, was taken to University Hospital and was in critical condition.


Unemployment for Missouri youth remains high

Research by Young Invincibles shows that the jobless rate for the category in Missouri stands at 16.1 percent.

Measuring the loss of WWII generation in 7 days

These are the stories of the men who made history in places such as Normandy and Anzio, Iwo Jima and Peleliu, vets who came home and helped build highways and houses, toiled in factories and offices, even launched their own companies.

Americans gather to honor fallen service members

Across the country, politicians and citizens stressed the importance of Memorial Day and honoring veterans.