Leadership competition takes shape in Missouri House

All who serve in the House vote to determine who holds the chamber's top spot, but Republicans have controlled the House for the past decade and currently hold a veto-proof majority.

New bridge at St. Louis on target for early 2014

The last piece of the Interstate 70 crossing will be set in place around the middle of next month, officials say.

WORLD BRIEFLY: Investors want clearer signal from Fed

Investors are hoping the Federal Reserve will clarify how long it will keep interest rates at record lows. In other news, the U.S. and the European Union will begin talks on a new free-trade agreement.

To ease shortage of organs, grow them in a lab?

What once seemed like science fiction is now in the foreseeable future of science, as researchers across the country develop methods to grow organs from cells for use in surgery.

Some question choice of tree for Arch grounds

The National Park Service is replacing the ash trees with the plane tree. And while tree experts mostly agree that the plane tree is a decent choice, arborists generally believe a better idea would have been to choose a variety of species.

Slay, alderman urge toughness on gun crimes

St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay are urging judges to send a strong message that gun violence will not be tolerated.

Bicycle racers to travel across Missouri


The annual Race Across America covers a 3,000-mile route from Oceanside, Calif., to Annapolis, Md. Riders were expected to begin entering western Missouri on Sunday, traveling on U.S. 54 to the Lake of the Ozarks area and Jefferson City.


Kansas City's downtown area losing office tenants

The exodus from downtown doesn't seem to be improving anytime soon. AMC Entertainment is moving out next month and taking 400 jobs to a new building in Kansas.

First bill by Missouri Rep. Smith seeks balanced budget

Smith's resolution is similar to other balanced budget proposals already sponsored by well over 100 other House members.

Ideas for keeping your data safe from spying

Some tips and strategies to protect your private information hidden away from prying eyes.