The Great Flood of '93: Boone County residents remember the impact

The Great Flood of 1993 had residents of Hartsburg, Rocheport and other Missouri River towns sandbagging and moving belongings to higher ground. In remembering the flood, residents say they relied on neighbors and volunteers to get through.

Volunteers from around the country descended on towns such as Hartsburg and Rocheport to help with sandbagging and recovery efforts.

Snow removal pushes street division $227,000 over budget

City staff is requesting the Columbia City Council shift $227,000 from general funds to street division accounts to make up for expenses incurred during winter snowstorms.

Jefferson City man arrested for second stolen vehicle in two weeks

A Jefferson City man was arrested and charged for stealing a vehicle, and two Columbia residents were arrested after being stopped in a car that had been reported stolen.

Week by Week: Highlighting the Flood of '93

Here's a look at what was happening in mid-Missouri 20 years ago.

Planning and Zoning Commission to consider revised plans for Route K subdivision

A revised plan calls for the development's density to drop from 5.5 units to 2 units per acre. The subdivision is located north of Rock Bridge State Park.

Police investigate multiple armed robberies

The police were searching Sunday for suspects in three armed burglaries that happened in a neighborhood south of Chapel Hill Road and Grant Lane.

WEEK'S MOST READ STORIES: Ryan Ferguson granted appeal, 2016 elk hunting season slated

A new appeal in Ryan Ferguson's murder conviction and the death of a Columbia resident in a motorcycle accident were among this week's most read stories.

THE WEEK IN PHOTOS: Children compete in track meet, people beat heat

Missourian photographers captured images of Blaise Brazos' daylilies in full bloom and Florida residents waiting to see endangered gray bats.

Mother, son spend Sunday together

Tanisha Moore, 24, spent Sunday with her 16-month-old son, Gary Lewis III. She is looking toward getting her associate degree.

$3 Missouri surcharge to help fund sheriff pension fund

Municipal judges worry that additional surcharges could be added, bumping $50 traffic tickets to $150 or more.

Analysis: Nixon sets personal high for vetoes

Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon vetoed more of the bills passed by Missouri's Republican-led legislature this year than in any of his four prior years in office.