UPDATE: $30 million cleanup planned for St. Louis Superfund site

No public money will be used for the cleanup of the old Carter Carburetor site. Work is expected to start by the end of summer.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Innovation campuses grab the national spotlight

The Missouri Innovation Campus is clearly an idea whose time has arrived. The challenge is to broaden its scope.

Masses of plastic particles found in Great Lakes

Scientists who have studied gigantic masses of floating plastic in the world's oceans are now reporting similar discoveries in the lakes that make up nearly one-fifth of the world's fresh water.

Local Nigerian organization celebrates 14 years of culture, food and fashion

Egbe Omo Oduduwa of Mid Missouri, a Nigerian cultural association, celebrated its 14th year in Columbia on Saturday night with singing, dancing and cultural education.

Softball team takes on mini-golf tournament and each other

One softball team has an entertaining round of Show-Me State Games miniature golf. Bets were made and fun ensued.

Week by Week: Highlighting the Flood of '93

Twenty years ago this week, flood waters were receding around the Columbia Water Treatment Plant in McBaine and trucks began bringing in rock to repair U.S. 54, which had been ripped apart by the Missouri River.

Once a high jumper, always a high jumper

Show-Me Games athlete Andy Gilmore is a high jumper and high jump coach. Employed as a software developer, his co-workers have a hard time understanding his love for the sport. For fun, he plays basketball with his friends.

THE WEEK'S MOST READ STORIES: International student to return home, fire department's video

The week's most read stories included a story about an exchange student who will return home because the cost of his degree is too high and a Columbia Fire Department video that went viral.

THE WEEK IN PHOTOS: Derby, rides, animal shows at Boone County Fair

This week, Missourian photographers captured images at the Boone County Fair and of President Barack Obama's speech in Warrensburg.

PHOTO GALLERY: Children swim through Show-Me State Games

Parents, family and friends from all over Missouri stood along the edge of the pool cheering racers on.

Cool morning weather sets new record low

Cooler than usual weather is expected in the days and weeks ahead.

McClard remembered for her intelligence, kindness and smile

Mrs. McClard loved to travel, spend time with her family and sell homes.

Judge fires 34-year court veteran for good deed

Sharon Snyder insists she would provide the same help if she had a chance to do it again.

Kansas City officer fatally shoots man who won't drop gun

The Kansas City Star reports police responded to a report of something being stolen around 3 a.m. Sunday and chased the suspect who pulled a gun.

Marie McClard, 87, helped found House of Brokers

Mrs. McClard was a longtime member of King's Daughters and one of the founding real estate brokers of House of Brokers.

Swimming together, competitor cheers on others

Nine-year-old Brooke Nutter enjoys cheering for other Show-Me State Games  swimming competitors, no matter what age or whether she knows them or not. 

Show-Me State Games archers give it their best shot

The contest began on Saturday in an effort to determine Missouri's best with a bow and arrow. Officials estimated they had 112 people competing in this year's event.


Fencer slowly fell in love with saber

Anurup Krishna from Kansas City competed in the Show-Me Games on Saturday in Dorsey Gym at Columbia College.

Gymnast has new coach at Show-Me State Games

Gymnast Sophie Kennedy, 12, experiences first year without her mother as a coach at the Show-Me State Games.

Columbia soap box drivers compete in Akron

Columbia winners Blake Holmes, Dylan Soper and Jordan Weltha qualified to compete in the Stock, SuperStock, and Masters divisions respectively in the 76th running of the Soap Box Derby Saturday in Akron.