Mid-Missouri programs, services feel impact of government shutdown

Columbia College and MU Air Force ROTC students perform a formal retreat the same day the federal government announced it would not continue financial assistance to military students during the government shutdown.

The federal government shutdown has left some services in mid-Missouri at a standstill, but others appear relatively safe.

THE FAMILY: Middle-class Americans brace for higher premiums

The Wolfs, who live in an upscale area in Texas, make too much money to qualify for tax credits that will help other people afford coverage. That leaves them wondering how much they'll wind up paying.

Democrats, Republicans trade blame for government shutdown

As the vast machinery of government clanged into partial shutdown mode Tuesday, President Barack Obama warned that the longer it goes, "the more families will be hurt."

Missouri football focused on containing Vanderbilt's Jordan Matthews

Vanderbilt's star wide receiver is expected to pose a formidable challenge to the Tigers during Saturday's game in Nashville, Tenn.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Help local hungry by sharing the harvest this fall

Archery, muzzleloader or firearms hunters can donate some or all of a deer to Share the Harvest by taking it to a participating processor or locker. All Share the Harvest venison stays in the community where it is donated.

Rock Bridge boys' soccer takes lessons during domination of Hickman

The Bruins won 5-0 with the help of Jacob Kovarik's hat trick.

New point guard ready to star for Missouri basketball

After sitting out last season due to NCAA transfer guidelines, Jordan Clarkson is ready to fill Phil Pressey’s shoes.


'America's Music' meant to showcase nation's range

Six genres. Six lectures. Six films. Six performances. Series coordinator Judith Mabary calls it "an American music extravaganza."

Internal motivation sped up recovery, Missouri football's Henry Josey says

Missouri running back Henry Josey spoke at a leadership event at the MU School of Health Professions about overcoming a 2011 knee injury that kept him out of two football seasons.


THE SMOKER: Michigan man might remain uninsured unless he quits habit

The federal health care law allows insurance companies to charge smokes higher premiums, potentially pricing them out of the market.

THE MEDICAID WINNER: Program's expansion a happy surprise for Colorado man

Colorado is one of at least 24 states expanding Medicaid access for adults under the Affordable Care Act. In Colorado, that means single adults who earned less than $15,400 last year will have access to Medicaid.

THE MEDICAID LOSER: Politics affect low-wage pizza employee

In states that chose not to expand Medicaid programs, the low-income population — including Chris Gatliff, a 38-year-old diabetic from Oklahoma — remains in limbo.

THE PATIENT: Health insurance within reach for bipolar sufferer

Under the Affordable Care Act, insurers will be prohibited from turning away millions of Americans with pre-existing medical conditions. For Jessi Spencer-Hammac, that could mean a chance to see her therapist more regularly.

THE SMALL-BUSINESS OWNER: Health care law perplexing

Uncertainty over the health care law's cost has led restaurant owners Colleen and Tim Holmes to forgo opening another business.

THE YOUNG ADULT: Costs worry woman, 26, who wants health insurance

Helena Gudger is the type of person health insurance companies need on the books as the federal Affordable Care Act begins to roll out: Young, relatively healthy and hungry for coverage.

THE SELF-EMPLOYED: Health costs likely rising for many

Seattle software developer will lose current health plan, but he expects to to find better coverage under the Affordable Care Act.

Former Columbia police Officer Rob Sanders cleared of third-degree assault charge

Rob Sanders immediately turned his attention to reclaiming his job in the Columbia Police Department following the ruling Tuesday morning that he was not guilty of third-degree assault.

ROSE NOLEN: Texting while driving is reckless behavior

Young people should acknowledge the seriousness and possibility of danger when they text while behind the wheel.


WHAT OTHERS SAY: Climate change is getting worse. When will nation act?

What we all want is a planet, a country, a city that we can pass on to the next generation. We want our children and grandchildren to have better opportunities than we have had. Climate change is making that less likely.

Pirates beat Reds 6-2 in NL wild-card game

The Pittsburgh Pirates won their first playoff game in 21 years.