Supreme Court term begins with contentious topics

The term starting Monday could see the court re-evaluating several prior decisions on topics including campaign finance, affirmative action, legislative prayer and abortion clinic protests.

Rams coach puts emphasis on cleaning up mistakes

The team's win against the Jaguars came despite special teams miscues.

Second arson attempted at Joplin Planned Parenthood

Police officers were able to put out the fire during the second arson attempt in one week.


St. Louis bridge renamed for long-time congressman

The Poplar Street Bridge was renamed after former St. Louis Congressman William L. Clay Sr.


Fleeing driver killed by St. Louis police

Man killed after being pulled over by police after observing a possible drug transaction.

Body of 5-year-old southeast Missouri boy found

Devonte Dye was found Monday in the St. Francis River near Butler County.


Ethical issues arise as scientists peek into baby genes

This is the newest frontier in the genetic revolution: how early to peek into someone's DNA and how to make use of this health forecast without causing needless worry.

UPDATE: Missouri man gets 14 years for al-Qaida support

Khalid Ouazzani, 35, who had faced up to 65 years in prison for bank fraud, money laundering and conspiracy to support a terrorist group, was sentenced in federal court in Kansas City.

Meetings focus on mine waste cleanup

Years of lead mining created waste that causes problems in what is known as the Lead Belt region of Missouri.