Study: Record number of foreign students hit U.S.

Study abroad programs are becoming increasingly popular among students traveling to and from the United States.

Wildlife refuge in northwest Missouri contributes $3.5 million to economy

The Squaw Creek refuge returned $7.13 for every $1 appropriated, according to a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service report.

Satellite hits Atlantic, but what about next one?

A European Space Agency satellite splashed into the Atlantic Ocean, prompting questions about remaining "space junk."

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Labeling GMOs is a good idea but may not make a difference

Consumers are understandably suspicious when food producers and agribusinesses like locally based Monsanto wage a $21.95 million campaign in Washington state to defeat a GMO-labeling ballot measure.

Quarterbacks unusually shaky around Big 12 this season

Baylor is the Big 12's only team in the top 10, and its no coincidence that the Bears are the only team with a consistent quarterback.


Musial online auction nets $1.2 million

St. Louis Cardinals fans had the opportunity to bid on personal memorabilia of baseball great Stan Musial. Musial died in January.

Typhoon-hit victims in Philippines plead for aid

The Philippine military confirmed 942 dead, but shattered communications, transportation links and local governments suggest the final toll is days away.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Veterans deserved more than just thanks

Our service members have given so much of their time and health to protect the nation.

Missouri minimum wage to rise to $7.50 an hour

The increase will make Missouri's minimum wage 25 cents higher than the federal minimum wage.