MU's Engineering Building West evacuated after elevator fire

Five fire units responded to a call about an odor and slight haze outside MU's Engineering Building West  Sunday afternoon.

Lack of cellphone surcharge for 911 costs Missouri counties

People in the Kansas City area call 911 nearly 1.7 million times a year, with three-quarters of those calls coming from cellphones.

Analysis: Missouri tax cut could hinge on a few GOPs

Elaine Gannon is one of three House Republicans who voted against an income-tax bill when it passed in May. That bill was vetoed in June by Gov. Jay Nixon. She is getting pressure to override the veto in September.

UMKC seeks millions of dollars for construction

University curators on Friday approved requesting construction funds, as well as millions of dollars more in state money.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Eat better, walk more, live longer

The United States ranks below many countries in terms of lifespan. But the reasons why are fixable.

Refugees in Columbia celebrate their new home, remember their heritage

Families from all over the world gathered Saturday evening in Columbia to reflect on their refugee status and share their stories.

Cosmo Park playground renovations receive public support

The Parks and Recreation Department plans improvements with a "time machine" theme for Cosmopolitan Park's sprawling playground. Residents suggested adding a water feature to the plans.

Show-Me State Games soccer player likes multiple sports

Columbia's David O'Rourke comes from a sports-playing family. His mother played basketball, his father played football and soccer, and his brother plays lacrosse and soccer. 

Show-Me State Games youth softball team boasts multi-sport athletes

The lineup for the 12-and-under Ellisville Cardinals softball team is littered with soccer and basketball players who also like to step up to the plate.

Hallsville 11-year-old joins Show-Me State Games powerlifting competition

Madeline Gresham, 11, competed in her first Show-Me State Games in powerlifting. She trained for about two months before competing Saturday.

With hometown alley closed, Moberly teen wins bowling gold at Show-Me State Games

The Kitchen family hoped for a Moberly bowling alley comeback when their son competed at Show-Me State games Saturday.

Ultimate Frisbee teams vie for Show-Me State Games championship

Eight teams from across the state gathered to share their passion for Ultimate Frisbee at the Show-Me State Games on Saturday.

Olympic gold medalist helps spark opening of Show-Me State Games

Jordyn Wieber officially opened the Games after receiving the torch from last year's top male and female athletes. Events will occur both this weekend and next.

Pioneering reporter Helen Thomas, 92, aged into legend

Helen Thomas, who died Saturday after a long illness, made her name as a bulldog for United Press International in the great wire-service rivalries of old, and as a pioneer for women in journalism.

Missouri River project to help endangered fish species to proceed

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers announced this month that it awarded a $3.5 million contract for construction of a shallow-water project at Jameson Island near the village of Arrow Rock in mid-Missouri.

Obama's second-term ambitions meet political reality

President Barack Obama's top aides insist they came into the year clear-eyed about the potential pitfalls, particularly on Capitol Hill, where Republicans run the House.

In passionate speech, Obama bares his black self

In remarks Friday about Trayvon Martin's death, President Barack Obama suddenly lifted the veil off his black male identity and showed it to the world. It was something no American president before him could have done.

Food safety, farm groups oppose Smithfield sale

Coalition members say the deal could weaken domestic food safety, cause economic damage in rural communities and harm national security.

Need a tool? Libraries lending more than books

Some libraries in communities across the U.S. are expanding collections to include hedge trimmers, measuring tapes and other items.

Snooty the manatee celebrates 65th birthday

The South Florida Museum, in Bradenton, will host a free party on Saturday. Snooty turns 65 on Sunday.