Missouri lawmakers to confront issue of student transfers

Senate President Pro Tem Tom Dempsey said tackling the law and unaccredited districts is a key priority for the legislative session starting Jan. 8.


Poll: Americans hopeful for better year in 2014

The outlook for 2014 is positive, with 49 percent of people surveyed saying they think their fortunes will improve in the new year.

More than 1 million losing unemployment benefits Saturday

For families dependent on cash assistance, the end of the federal government's "emergency unemployment compensation" will mean some difficult belt-tightening as enrollees lose their average monthly stipend of $1,166.

Authorities investigating murder-suicide involving Jefferson City boy

Police found 6-year-old Markell Beasley and 40-year-old Demetrius Beasley, of St. Louis, dead of gunshot wounds in a house after someone flagged down officers.

Stained glass window central to Joplin church loss

When First Community Church was rebuilt following the 2011 tornado in Joplin, its massive stained-glass window was also replaced.

Public art project elicits the profound, profane

In 2011, artist Candy Chang first created a wall that invited people to complete the sentence: "Before I die I want to ..." Now more than 400 such public art projects have gone up around the world.

Group tends to Daniel Boone's Missouri burial spot

Daniel Boone's bones may or may not still reside in Missouri, but members of the Friends of Daniel Boone's Burial Site have dedicated themselves to keeping up the Bryan Family Cemetery.

Missouri Supreme Court won't hear adoption challenge

The biological mother's supporters argue that she lost custody of the child, now 7, because she is an immigrant in the country illegally. The child was adopted by Seth and Melinda Moser and has been living with them since he was a year old.

With help of father, son revitalizes Wren family cobbling business

Three years after first closing Wren's Shoe Repair, Lucas Wren has re-opened the community favorite.


City manager rejects Rob Sanders' appeal to reclaim police job

City manager Mike Matthes: “After careful consideration of the testimony and evidence submitted during Mr. Sanders’s appeal hearing, I will not reinstate Mr. Sanders.”

The race of Jesus: Unknown, yet powerful

Why should we even care what Jesus looked like? If his message is God and love, isn't his race irrelevant? Some say God wanted it that way, since there are no references to Jesus' earthly appearance in the Bible.

Tablets a hit with kids, but experts worry

Some experts note there's no evidence that screen time — whether from a TV or tablet — provides any educational or developmental benefits for babies and toddlers. Yet it takes away from activities that do promote brain development, such as nonelectronic toys and adult interaction.

Volunteers needed for Columbia Eve Fest

Volunteers can serve as button sellers, button checkers, ushers, stage hands, emcees and assistants for children's art activities.

Newest UM System executive envisions entrepreneurial education

Hank Foley, University of Missouri System executive vice president for academic affairs, talks about funding education, the role of technology in learning and MU's rankings in the Association of American Universities.

MU students design fashionable, functional clothes for people with disabilities

Kerri McBee-Black said her goal is to educate students about the need for fashionable adaptive clothing — clothes designed for people with disabilities.

Slow recovery from weekend ice storm stretches on

Utility officials said it could be days longer before power is restored to everyone after a weekend ice storm that turned out the lights from Michigan to Maine and into Canada.

A temporary 6 percent increase for first-class mail will take effect Jan. 26

The increase is temporary, lasting for two years, in order to help the U.S. Postal Service recoup losses suffered during the recent recession.

College police forces increasingly expand reach

Many university police forces are expanding their jurisdiction to include off-campus areas. But some residents are concerned what this might mean for their neighborhoods.

Eight new troopers join Missouri State Highway Patrol to cover mid-state region

Troop F, the Highway Patrol division covering mid-Missouri, hired eight new troopers. 

Christmas trees become fish habitat in Missouri lakes

The Missouri Department of Conservation is sinking Christmas trees into man-made lakes, such as Table Rock Lake in the Ozarks. Man-made lakes typically don't have natural fish habitats.