LIVE UPDATE: Public School canceled, businesses closed, snow routes being cleared

Between 7 and 9 inches of snow fell across Columbia and cold winds caused temperatures to drop into the single digits on Sunday. The extreme cold,with wind chills cause it to feel like it's below zero, is expected to continue into the early part of the week.

Snow began to taper off by mid-afternoon, with accumulation between 7-9 inches. Wind gusts could create snow drifts and make travel hazardous. Temperatures were not expected to rise above zero on Monday.

Hospital program connects parents with NICU babies remotely

Telehealth Love and Care service at the Women's and Children's Hospital neonatal intensive care unit allows parents to see and talk to their babies even if they can't get to the NICU.

Missouri drops home conference opener to Arkansas

Missouri women's basketball team struggles with Arkansas swarming defense and loses Southeastern conference home opener 69-66.

Local resident completes picture-a-day time lapse video

Columbia's "Hack Man" Derrick Fogle compiled photos of Flat Branch Creek taken every day of 2013.

Dangerous weather combination worrisome in Missouri

By the pre-dawn hours of Monday, temperatures across much of Missouri will be below zero, perhaps as low as minus 10 with a wind chill of minus 25.

Proposed Columbia museum district has ample support, but no plans

The Downtown Columbia Leadership Council backs a district including a new historical society building and two MU museums, but museum officials haven't discussed what it would look like — or how they would pay for it.

Local Salvation Army is $34,000 short of yearly fundraising goal

The local branch of the Salvation Amy has until the end of January to meet its $390,000 goal or face program and staff cuts. Harbor House, a family shelter that houses people during the cold weather, could be affected.

Twins were born to work in the NICU

Jennifer Hanford and her twin, Sarah Cammack, were born in Women's and Children's Hospital in 1984 and spent almost three months in the NICU. Both of their parents were nurses in the NICU. And now, both sisters work there, too.

Columbia City Council to take up Fairview Park, renewable energy, radon, permits

The council will hold a public hearing to improve Fairview Park and build a new  school. It is also expected to bolster renewable energy standards, amend radon control methods and change special-event permit requirements.

ANALYSIS: Prospects remain slim for Missouri Medicaid expansion

Gov. Jay Nixon lists a Medicaid expansion among his top priorities for the legislative session. But Medicaid expansion didn't even make the list of more than a dozen priorities that House Speaker Tim Jones outlined last week.


Worth of athletic scholarship can go beyond degree

At the NCAA's annual convention later this month, restructuring proposals driven, in part, by larger schools wanting more autonomy — including the ability to give athletes stipends — will top the agenda.

Military museum's new Missouri location to open in 2014

The revamped attraction has more room for displays when it reopens in a converted mechanical school maintenance bay at the Missouri National Guard's Ike Skelton Training Site.

Below-zero temperatures push into Midwest, Northeast

Roads in the Midwest were particularly dangerous. Missouri officials warned that it was too cold for rock salt to be effective. Schools were called off Monday for the entire state of Minnesota.

Historic smoking report marks 50th anniversary

The Terry report has been called one of the most important documents in U.S. public health history, and on its 50th anniversary, officials are not only rolling out new anti-smoking campaigns but reflecting on what the nation did right that day.

Experts warn of frostbite, dead batteries in cold

Record-breaking frigid temperatures started blanketing the Midwest on Sunday in part because of a "polar vortex," which one meteorologist says will send piles of polar air into the U.S.

Study finds Medicaid expansion drove up ER visits

The study also found that 35 percent of people who weren't selected for Medicaid made an ER visit during the research period. For those who gained coverage, however, the number was 7 points higher at 42 percent.

Mizzou women's basketball lose to Arkansas 69-66 at home

The Arkansas Razorbacks beat the Missouri women's basketball team at Mizzou Arena Sunday in a game that was close until the final minutes.