FROM READERS: Social media cleanse leads to anxiety-free month

Rock Bridge senior Brittany Cornelison realized in her month-long social media fast that the social distractions didn't shake her focus so much as the anxiety caused by missing out on new information. "(Social media) is like a drug; we cannot get our fill, so we keep coming back."

WHAT OTHERS SAY: The year of Edward Snowden — criminal or hero?

Because of Edward Snowden, Americans know today that Big Brother is, in fact, watching.

Craig Wenger worked for Century Link in Columbia for 37 years

Craig Wenger died Wednesday, Jan. 1, 2014. He was 61.

Craig A. Wenger, April 14, 1952 — Jan. 1, 2014

Craig A Wenger of Columbia died Wednesday, Jan. 1, 2014. He was 61.

Lawsuit seeks to compel Missouri governor to set elections

The lawsuit claims residents in the districts with vacancies will be deprived of representation during the 2014 legislative session if the governor does not act soon.

Chiefs chase different result in rematch with Indy

The question for the Chiefs is whether they've fixed the miscues that proved so costly against the Colts two weeks ago.

Sinquefield gives $1.3M to Missouri political efforts

Retired investment firm executive Rex Sinquefield gave $750,000 to, $495,000 to Grow Missouri and $25,000 to Missourians for Excellence in Government during the final weeks of December.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: J-turn data reveals change for better

Drivers are still critical and expressed concerns about difficulty after the U-turn, insufficient U-turn radius to accommodate large vehicles, general driver uncertainty and improper use of acceleration and deceleration lanes.

Ex-Vikings punter: Coach made anti-gay remarks

Former Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe said members of the organization asked him to tone down his pro-gay-marriage rhetoric. Special-teams coach Mike Priefer has disputed claims that he made anti-gay remarks.

Confusion, relief mark start of new health reforms

The burden for implementing the law now shifts to insurance companies and health care providers.

GM John Dorsey guides make-over Chiefs to playoffs

Chiefs' general manager John Dorsey envisions a franchise that is always in the playoffs, one hoisting trophies regularly.

Widow of Charlie Spoonhour starts scholarship fund

Charlie Spoonhour coached Missouri State University's team from 1983 to 1992 before moving on to Saint Louis University and the University of Nevada-Las Vegas.

Marines delay female fitness plan after half fail

The move rekindled sharp debate in the military on the question of whether women have the physical strength for some military jobs.

GUEST COMMENTARY; In 2014, make a resolution to contain fossil fuels

Even though Congress hasn't addressed fossil fuels or climate change, citizens can still take action — with their investments. Consider selling stock in the 200 fossil-fuel companies and re-invest in clean energy companies.

U.S. bobsled, skeleton and luge teams headed to Europe

The U.S.  bobsled, skeleton and luge teams are traveling to Europe in advance of the Winter Olympic Games to prepare for the event. While they won't be on home ice, they hope their winning ways will continue in Sochi.

Injured Pengiuns defensemen relieved to make Olympic team

Paul Martin and Brooks Orpik might be a little banged up, but they made the U.S. Olympic team, which comes as a big relief to the two Penguins players.

UPDATE: Missouri judge orders archdiocese to release names in sex-abuse claims

The order calls for releasing names of priests accused of sexual abuse in the past 20 years, and it includes the names of more than 200 complaints identified by the court.

Winter weather causes travel woes in Missouri

Several slide-offs occurred, but Capt. Tim Hull of the Missouri State Highway Patrol said there were no reports of fatalities.

Economic survey suggests optimism for Midwest

Economists are optimistic after a increase in the Mid-America Business Conditions Index. The survey covers nine states, including Missouri.

Poll finds Americans have little faith in government

Americans, who have a reputation for optimism, have a sharply pessimistic take on their government after years of disappointment in Washington. The poll comes about two months after partisan gridlock prompted the first government shutdown in 17 years.