MU students rally around Michael Sam

Letters were written next to the stone "M" at the north end zone at Farout Field on Feb. 10 to spell out "Sam" in support of Michael Sam's decision to come out to the public about his sexuality.

Students are organizing a counterdemonstration to the Westboro Baptist Church protest expected this weekend.

Michael Sam's new fame could lead to financial gain

Michael Sam's coming-out announcement could mean financial endorsements.

Wynna Faye Elbert known as community activist, community mother

Ms. Elbert recognized that in order to make a change, she had to get involved. She co-founded several civic groups and raised 27 children.

UPDATE: Missouri, Michael Sam were prepared for the day Sam would come out

Michael Sam was ready to be in the spotlight on Sunday night, but that wasn't always the case.

Missouri pitching ace Anderson to work in as position player

Eric Anderson, who is set to be the Missouri baseball team's Friday starter, began hitting again over the summer and has worked his way into the Tigers' roster of position players.

Missouri's Emily Scott advances to quarterfinals in 500m short track speedskating

Emily Scott, who made the transition from inline to ice five years ago to compete in the Olympics, finished second in her heat Monday with a time of 45.210 seconds.

A collection of supportive messages for Michael Sam

Michael Sam has received an outpouring of support following his announcement this weekend that he is gay.

New Norma Sutherland Smith Park will have extreme fitness trail

Norma Smith Sutherland Park will also feature traditional recreational facilities. The first of two public meetings will be held Tuesday.

TIMELINE: Michael Sam in good company: gay athletes in history

Missouri football player Michael Sam has joined a group of athletes whose sexual orientation has made history in the past five decades.

Columbia School Board names new school for Eliot Battle

The newest Columbia elementary school will be named Eliot Battle Elementary School. The School Board will vote Feb. 20 on a Community Improvement District.

Curt Riley brings winning habit to Fr. Tolton girls basketball

The Fr. Tolton girls' basketball team members believes their coach has them ready to take on the best in Columbia this week.

James Franklin, teammates weigh in on Michael Sam

Former Missouri quarterback James Franklin gives his thoughts on teammate Michael Sam coming out.

White House praises Michael Sam, Missouri

President Barack Obama's spokesman, first lady Michelle Obama and Vice President Joe Biden all commended Sam's Sunday announcement.

Columbia's attorney says city will push to open Sanders' personnel record

The City of Columbia is fighting fired Columbia Police Officer Rob Sanders' effort to seal his personnel record as he seeks judicial review of his termination.

National media descend on Columbia in light of Michael Sam announcement

The scene in Columbia is a calm one just 24 hours after Sam's announcement in comparison to the virtual social media firestorm that is still ongoing. 

Missouri men's basketball team voices support for Michael Sam

Basketball coach Frank Haith said he applauds Sam and the football team's leadership.



Lou Kontras was a pioneering entreprenuer

Lou Kontras ran a gas station, a car wash, several laundromats and a motorcycle rental service. Mr. Kontras died Sunday, Feb. 9, 2014. He was 87.

David Burgess was a jokester, art lover

David Burgess was notorious for hanging spoons from his nose during formal dinners, his family said. Mr. Burgess died Saturday, Feb. 1, 2014. He was 58.

Keep moving forward in the MU dialogue about sexual assault, rape

The community should join the conversation about sexual assault and mental health to face the good and bad about our campus culture.

Howard Bragman: Helping Michael Sam make a statement

Bragman focuses on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual public relations issues and events.