Missouri revenues falling short of projections

The sluggish revenues have led Department of Revenue to slow down the pace of issuing income tax refunds to thousands of Missouri taxpayers.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: It's time for the state to get tough with Tyson

Tyson has an environmental legacy in Missouri that includes 20 violations of the federal Clean Water Act. The introduction of a chemical in Clear Creek is the latest issue.

'Hidden cash' craze hits St. Louis

The idea is similar to a craze in California last week. Someone is dropping envelopes of cash at several secret locations around the St. Louis area.

Officials investigate drowning of handcuffed man

Highway Patrol Sgt. Paul Reinsch said authorities are trying to determine how the man's life vest came off. He said using handcuffs are normal when someone is arrested.

Republicans offer alternative VA health care bill

A bill proposed by four Senate Republicans would give veterans more flexibility to see a private doctor if they are forced to wait too long for an appointment at a Veterans Affairs hospital or clinic.

As civil war rages, Syrians vote for president

Some supporters of Syria's president, Bashar Assad, marked their ballots with blood, while others placed their shoes in fake ballot boxes in protest of the election.

Dan Marino withdraws from concussion suit

Dan Marino's withdrawal costs the litigants a high-profile plaintiff. He was by far the best-known of 15 former players who filed a lawsuit in federal court in Philadelphia last week.

Sharapova, Djokovic advance to French Open semifinals

After beating one 20-year-old, Sharapova now faces another, 18th-seeded Eugenie Bouchard of Canada, who earned a semifinal spot for the second straight Grand Slam tournament.

FBI goes to movies to target incidents of lasers aimed at planes

Federal officials said the deliberate targeting of planes by people with handheld lasers has increased significantly in recent years. The FBI is now offering rewards of $10,000 for information leading to the arrest of anyone who threatens aircraft in a laser attack.

Online pirates thrive on legitimate ad dollars

Content thieves attract visitors with the promise of free downloads and streams of the latest hit movies, TV shows and songs. Then they profit by pulling in advertising from around the Internet.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Governor's tactics are alarming and ineffective

It's time the governor works with the legislature on budget issues, as well as other important legislation, rather than ringing alarms after the fact.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Prayer can have a place at public meetings

The most recent legal challenge was filed by two non-Christians who contended the prayers at public meetings in a New York state town should be more generic or diverse.

Obama: U.S. to boost military presence in Europe

President Barack Obama said the U.S. plans to send more military equipment and rotate additional American troops into the region.

More repairs on surface of Stan Musial bridge

The bridge on Interstate 70 crossing the Mississippi River between Illinois and St. Louis opened in early February.

Missouri revenues under limit requiring refunds

The auditor's office reported Monday that revenues for the budget year that ended last June 30, 2013, fell about $3.6 billion below the limit.

Nixon opposes Missouri transportation sales tax

Gov. Jay Nixon said the net effect of the legislature's proposals would be to raise taxes on consumers while cutting them for businesses and wealthy individuals.

Neymar leads Brazil to 4-0 win over Panama

Neymar's goal was the 200th of his career, and 31st with the national team. Despite his solid performance, he said he still has to improve for the World Cup.