CoMo You Know

CoMo You Know: Jefferson Middle School

Jefferson Middle School is one of six middle schools in Columbia.

CoMo You Know: West Middle School

West Middle School is one of six middle schools in Columbia. The middle school opened in 1961.

CoMo You Know: Lange Middle School

Lange Middle School is one of six middle schools in Columbia.

CoMo You Know: Smithton Middle School

Smithton Middle School is one of three middle schools in the Columbia Public Schools district. The school offers a variety of education programs and electives.

CoMo You Know: Oakland Middle School

Oakland Middle School is one of Columbia's six middle schools.

COMO YOU KNOW: Kim Anderson, Missouri men's basketball coach

Kim Anderson is the new head coach for the Missouri's men's basketball team. He played for Missouri from 1973-77 and is ranked among the school's top-20, all-time scorers.

COMO YOU KNOW: Mizzou Advantage

Mizzou Advantage founded in 2010, is a program at MU that attempts to address and solve real-world problems and aims to raise the impact of the university. The program provides funding for various projects and encourages collaboration.

COMO YOU KNOW: Truman's Closet

Truman's Closet, an MU organization run by the Missouri Students Association, rents clothing to MU students, faculty and staff for free and provides educational resources for its customers.

COMO YOU KNOW: Common Core State Standards

Common Core State Standards are a set of nationwide educational standards created in 2010 to better address issues of education curriculum in schools.

COMO YOU KNOW: Tiger Pantry

Founded in 2012, Tiger Pantry is a food pantry that provides MU students, faculty and staff in need with food assistance once per month. The organization operates under a "no-questions asked" policy for giving out aid.

COMO YOU KNOW: Tim Jamieson

Tim Jamieson is the head coach of the Missouri baseball team, entering his 20th season in 2014. That makes him the longest-tenured head coach at Missouri and only the second coach the program has had for the past 40 years.

COMO YOU KNOW: Chris Kelly

Chris Kelly is a representative for downtown Columbia, including MU, Stephens College and Columbia College. 

COMO YOU KNOW: Stephen Webber

Rep. Stephen Webber, D-Columbia, has been a state representative since 2008. When he was elected, he was the youngest member in the Missouri House of Representatives.

COMO YOU KNOW: Caleb Rowden

Caleb Rowden is Missouri's 44th District state representative, and represents both Boone and Randolph counties.

COMO YOU KNOW: Kurt Schaefer

Kurt Schaefer is a member of the Missouri state senate. He has represented Missouri's 19th district since 2009. He is also a partner at the Kansas City law firm Lathrop & Gage.

Winter weather doesn't freeze Pictures of the Year International judging

Ice and snow didn't halt the beginning of the 71st annual Pictures of the Year International competition.

Missouri Food Bank Association distributes record haul in 2013

Last year, the Missouri Food Bank Association collected more than 117 million pounds of food, which means more than 97 million meals.

COMO YOU KNOW: Columbia Mall

The Columbia Mall, located on Bernadette Drive, has more than 100 stores.

COMO YOU KNOW: Columbia Housing Authority

The mission of the Columbia Housing Authority is to provide safe, healthy and affordable housing opportunities to low-income individuals and families.

COMO YOU KNOW: Columbia Cemetery

The Columbia Cemetery was established two centuries ago in 1820.