CoMo You Know

COMO YOU KNOW: Eminent domain

The use of eminent domain is akin to the use of easements, which primarily allow the city government to acquire small parcels of land that are necessary for infrastructure development.

COMO YOU KNOW: East Campus

The Columbia neighborhood is bounded by Old 63 (east), College Avenue (west), Rollins Street (south) and East Broadway (north).


Don Faurot is a former MU football player, coach and influential figure for which Faurot Field, MU's football field, is named.

COMO YOU KNOW: Devil's Icebox

The Devil’s Icebox is a double sinkhole in Rock Bridge Memorial State Park that offers a view of the underground stream and cool, refreshing air.

COMO YOU KNOW: Delta Delta Delta

Delta Delta Delta was founded on November 27, 1888. In 2010, the chapter had 229 members.


Dave Yost is a coach for the Missouri Tigers football team. He is the team’s offensive coordinator, quarterbacks coach, placekicker coach and recruiting coordinator.

COMO YOU KNOW: Daniel Boone City Building

What is now the Daniel Boone City Building was once known as the Daniel Boone Tavern, a hotel and informal community center.

COMO YOU KNOW: Chris Belcher

Dr. Chris Belcher has worked in the education field for 28 years in various teaching and administrative positions.

COMO YOU KNOW: Columbia Cribs

The simple mission of Columbia Cribs is “to put a roof over your head in Columbia.”

COMO YOU KNOW: Columbia Track Club

Columbia Track Club is a running club that has participants from Columbia and surrounding towns.

COMO YOU KNOW: Columbia Regional Airport

Columbia Regional Airport is owned and operated by the city and is overseen by a 13-member advisory board.

COMO YOU KNOW: Boys and Girls Town of Missouri

Boys and Girls Town of Missouri is a nonprofit organization aimed at bettering the lives of children with behavioral and emotional problems.

COMO YOU KNOW: Boone County Historical Society

The Boone County Historical Society operates a museum, an historic house, art gallery and historic village in Nifong Park.

COMO YOU KNOW: Boone County Fire Protection District

The Boone County Fire Protection District has provided emergency services for the county since the mid-1960s and now encompasses about 500 square miles.

COMO YOU KNOW: Berry Building

The Berry Building is a former warehouse in downtown Columbia that has been converted into a mixed-use development.

COMO YOU KNOW: Benton Elementary School

Benton Elementary School, named after the artist Thomas Hart Benton, is one of Columbia’s 21 public elementary schools.

COMO YOU KNOW: Bambino’s Italian Cafe

Bambino's menu features house pasta specialties, “Create Your Own” custom pastas, fresh salads, sub sandwiches, “Build Your Own” gourmet pizzas, soups and daily lunch and dinner specials.

COMO YOU KNOW: Asian Christian Fellowship

Mizzou Asian Christian Fellowship started in fall 2008. Membership is not limited to Asian or Asian-American students or Christians living in Columbia.

COMO YOU KNOW: Artrageous Fridays

Held quarterly throughout Columbia’s downtown and North Village, Artrageous Fridays is a collaboration of local galleries, studios and businesses to create an interactive art experience for the local community and visitors.

COMO YOU KNOW: Alpha Epsilon Pi

Since 1913, Alpha Epsilon Pi, commonly known as AEPi, has been the largest Jewish fraternity in North America.