CoMo You Know

COMO YOU KNOW: Columbia Regional Airport

Columbia Regional Airport is owned and operated by the city and is overseen by a 13-member advisory board.

COMO YOU KNOW: Boys and Girls Town of Missouri

Boys and Girls Town of Missouri is a nonprofit organization aimed at bettering the lives of children with behavioral and emotional problems.

COMO YOU KNOW: Boone County Historical Society

The Boone County Historical Society operates a museum, an historic house, art gallery and historic village in Nifong Park.

COMO YOU KNOW: Boone County Fire Protection District

The Boone County Fire Protection District has provided emergency services for the county since the mid-1960s and now encompasses about 500 square miles.

COMO YOU KNOW: Berry Building

The Berry Building is a former warehouse in downtown Columbia that has been converted into a mixed-use development.

COMO YOU KNOW: Benton Elementary School

Benton Elementary School, named after the artist Thomas Hart Benton, is one of Columbia’s 21 public elementary schools.

COMO YOU KNOW: Bambino’s Italian Cafe

Bambino's menu features house pasta specialties, “Create Your Own” custom pastas, fresh salads, sub sandwiches, “Build Your Own” gourmet pizzas, soups and daily lunch and dinner specials.

COMO YOU KNOW: Asian Christian Fellowship

Mizzou Asian Christian Fellowship started in fall 2008. Membership is not limited to Asian or Asian-American students or Christians living in Columbia.

COMO YOU KNOW: Artrageous Fridays

Held quarterly throughout Columbia’s downtown and North Village, Artrageous Fridays is a collaboration of local galleries, studios and businesses to create an interactive art experience for the local community and visitors.

COMO YOU KNOW: Alpha Epsilon Pi

Since 1913, Alpha Epsilon Pi, commonly known as AEPi, has been the largest Jewish fraternity in North America.

Columbia Housing Authority to hold forum on proposed street changes

City traffic engineers will present information about possible changes to Trinity Place and Allen Street at a public meeting on Tuesday.

MU hosts doomsday discussion to debunk end of the world theories

The doomsday discussion was the kick-off event for the MU Department of Physics and Astronomy’s "Countdown to the End of the World," which will include various events and discussions leading up to Dec. 21, the supposed Mayan prediction for the end of the world. The countdown will end with a Dec. 21 rooftop party on MU’s Physics Building.

Truman Memorial Veteran honors prisoners of war during World War II

World War II veteran Ralph Kalberloh recalls his experience as a prisoner of war in Germany almost 70 years ago.

Roots 'N' Blues 'N' BBQ Festival is coming back to Columbia

The annual music festival and barbecue contest is scheduled for Sept. 21-22 in downtown Columbia.

CoMo You Know: University of Missouri Press

The University of Missouri Press, which was established in 1958, will be phased out this year due to a budget deficit.

COMO YOU KNOW: John William "Blind" Boone

John William "Blind" Boone, who died in 1927, was a famous ragtime pianist who became one of the first African-American musicians to be recorded by the QRS piano roll company.

COMO YOU KNOW: Columbia Farmers' Market

The Columbia Farmers' Market is a producer-only market at the city’s Activity and Recreation Center. The market currently has more than 90 vendors from within a radius of 55 miles who sell produce, crafts, plants and more.

COMO YOU KNOW: Boone County Farmers Market

The Boone County Farmers Market is located in the parking lot of the Sanford-Kimpton Building, 1005 W. Worley St. All produce is grown by farmers from Boone and surrounding counties. The market accepts debit and EBT cards.

COMO YOU KNOW: Activity and Recreation Center

The ARC is a 73,000 square foot health club, fitness center and place to exercise run by Columbia Parks and Recreation.

COMO YOU KNOW: Tax-increment financing

Tax-increment financing was authorized by the Columbia City Council in March 2008 as an incentive for development or improvement projects that eliminate blight and create jobs.