CoMo You Know

COMO YOU KNOW: Jefferson Junior High School

Jefferson Junior High School is one of three junior high schools in the Columbia Public School District.

COMO YOU KNOW: Smithton Middle School

Smithton Middle School opened in 1995 and is one of three such schools in the Columbia district.

COMO YOU KNOW: Brady Deaton

Brady Deaton has been chancellor at MU since 2004.

COMO YOU KNOW: Pepper & Friends

"Pepper and Friends" was a daily variety show hosted by Paul Pepper and James Mouser that ran on KOMU/Channel 8 from 1982 until 2009. 

COMO YOU KNOW: Hinkson Creek Trail

The Hinkson Creek Trail is open to joggers, bikers and anyone who wants to enjoy nature. Pets are allowed, and the trail has access points to Hinkson Creek for canoeing or kayaking.

COMO YOU KNOW: Stankowski Field

MU Student Recreation complex members can play soccer, Frisbee or run around the track at Stankowski Field. 

COMO YOU KNOW: Pinnacles Youth Park

The Pinnacles Youth Park features several hiking trails, fire pits and small picnic shelters near massive cliffs, or "pinnacles," carved into the limestone in the park.

COMO YOU KNOW: Timothy M. Wolfe

Timothy Wolfe will become the 23rd president of the University of Missouri System when he takes office Feb. 15, 2012.

COMO YOU KNOW: Ann Hawkins Gentry Middle School

Ann Hawkins Gentry Middle School opened in 1994.


COMO YOU KNOW: Ridgeway Elementary School

Ridgeway Elementary School is a magnet school based on the concept of individually guided education. It draws students based on a lottery system.

COMO YOU KNOW: Alpha Hart Lewis School

Alpha Hart Lewis Elementary School opened in January 2010 to replace the outdated Field Elementary.

COMO YOU KNOW: Russell Boulevard Elementary School

Russell Boulevard Elementary School opened in 1958.

COMO YOU KNOW: Parkade Elementary School

Parkade Elementary School opened in 1958. 

COMO YOU KNOW: Shepard Elementary School

Shepard Elementary School opened in 1968 and was built on what used to be the Shepard Dairy Farm.

COMO YOU KNOW: West Boulevard Elementary School

West Boulevard Elementary School was constructed to be a "model school" for the Columbia Public School District. 

COMO YOU KNOW: Midway Heights Elementary School

Midway Heights Elementary School opened in 1956.

COMO YOU KNOW: John B. Lange Middle School

John B. Lange Middle School opened in 1997 for students in grades six and seven.

COMO YOU KNOW: New Haven Elementary School

New Haven Elementary School opened in 1954.

COMO YOU KNOW: Mill Creek Elementary School

Mill Creek Elementary School opened in 1988.

COMO YOU KNOW: Rock Bridge Elementary School

Rock Bridge Elementary School was not part of the Columbia school district when it first opened in 1957.