CoMo You Know: Education

CoMo You Know: Gentry Middle School

Gentry Middle School is one of six middle schools in Columbia.


Kim Presko is finishing her first year as principal of Battle High School. Presko said it is "special" to work for a school named after Muriel Williams Battle, a woman who hired her for a math teacher position in 1990.

CoMo You Know: Jefferson Middle School

Jefferson Middle School is one of six middle schools in Columbia.

CoMo You Know: West Middle School

West Middle School is one of six middle schools in Columbia. The middle school opened in 1961.

CoMo You Know: Lange Middle School

Lange Middle School is one of six middle schools in Columbia.

CoMo You Know: Smithton Middle School

Smithton Middle School is one of three middle schools in the Columbia Public Schools district. The school offers a variety of education programs and electives.

CoMo You Know: Oakland Middle School

Oakland Middle School is one of Columbia's six middle schools.

COMO YOU KNOW: Mizzou Advantage

Mizzou Advantage founded in 2010, is a program at MU that attempts to address and solve real-world problems and aims to raise the impact of the university. The program provides funding for various projects and encourages collaboration.

COMO YOU KNOW: Common Core State Standards

Common Core State Standards are a set of nationwide educational standards created in 2010 to better address issues of education curriculum in schools.

COMO YOU KNOW: Tiger Pantry

Founded in 2012, Tiger Pantry is a food pantry that provides MU students, faculty and staff in need with food assistance once per month. The organization operates under a "no-questions asked" policy for giving out aid.

COMO YOU KNOW: Grant Elementary School

Located at 10 E. Broadway, Grant is the oldest existing school building still in use in the city and serves 323 students.

COMO YOU KNOW: Father Augustine Tolton

Father Augustine Tolton was born in Missouri and was the first black Catholic priest in the United States.

COMO YOU KNOW: Chris Belcher

Dr. Chris Belcher has worked in the education field for 28 years in various teaching and administrative positions.

COMO YOU KNOW: Benton Elementary School

Benton Elementary School, named after the artist Thomas Hart Benton, is one of Columbia’s 21 public elementary schools.

COMO YOU KNOW: Islamic School of Columbia

The Islamic School of Columbia opened in 1998 and operates under a two-class system with its students, dividing them by grades.

COMO YOU KNOW: Columbia Independent School

Columbia Independent School moved to a new, combined campus in 2009 after operating since 1998 in multiple buildings.

COMO YOU KNOW: Christian Chapel Academy

Christian Chapel Academy opened in 1985 and offers a Christian education to its students. The school offers classes from preschool to eighth grade.

COMO YOU KNOW: Heritage Academy

Heritage Academy is a Christian school in Columbia that opened in 2002.

COMO YOU KNOW: Good Shepherd Lutheran School

Good Shepherd Lutheran School has been open since 2002 and has grown from eight students in its first year to 89 in the 2011-12 school year.

COMO YOU KNOW: Christian Fellowship School

Founded in 1981, Christian Fellowship School serves students in pre-kindergarten through high school. The school currently boasts enrollment of about 290.