CoMo You Know: Education

COMO YOU KNOW: Muriel Battle

Muriel Battle, who died in 2003, was known as a pioneer in education and equality in Columbia. A new high school will bear her name.

COMO YOU KNOW: Columbia Gifted Program

COMO YOU KNOW: Stephens College Children's School

The Stephens College Children's School has been providing college students with the opportunity to teach and interact with children while also providing a research-based education for the children enrolled in the school since 1925.

COMO YOU KNOW: Columbia Area Career Center

The Columbia Area Career Center has provided several learning opportunities for students and adults since 1979.

COMO YOU KNOW: Oakland Junior High School

One famous alum of Oakland Junior High School is NASCAR driver Carl Edwards.


COMO YOU KNOW: Fr. Tolton Catholic High School

Fr. Tolton Regional Catholic High School opened in fall 2011. It is the first Catholic high school in Columbia.

COMO YOU KNOW: Frederick Douglass High School

Douglass High School is an alternative high school for Columbia students.

COMO YOU KNOW: Hickman High School

Hickman High School is the largest high school in Missouri.

COMO YOU KNOW: Rock Bridge High School

Rock Bridge High School has more than doubled its enrollment since opening in 1973.

COMO YOU KNOW: West Junior High School

West Junior High School opened in 1961.

COMO YOU KNOW: Eliot Battle

Eliot Battle was an educator in Columbia for nearly 40 years and worked to end segregation.

COMO YOU KNOW: Smithton Middle School

Smithton Middle School opened in 1995 and is one of three such schools in the Columbia district.

COMO YOU KNOW: Jefferson Junior High School

Jefferson Junior High School is one of three junior high schools in the Columbia Public School District.

COMO YOU KNOW: Paxton Keeley Elementary School

Paxton Keeley Elementary School is named for the first woman to graduate from the MU School of Journalism.

COMO YOU KNOW: Two Mile Prairie Elementary School

Two Mile Prairie Elementary School is a merger of three rural Boone County schools in the 1960s.

COMO YOU KNOW: Rock Bridge Elementary School

Rock Bridge Elementary School was not part of the Columbia school district when it first opened in 1957.

COMO YOU KNOW: Mill Creek Elementary School

Mill Creek Elementary School opened in 1988.

COMO YOU KNOW: New Haven Elementary School

New Haven Elementary School opened in 1954.

COMO YOU KNOW: John B. Lange Middle School

John B. Lange Middle School opened in 1997 for students in grades six and seven.

COMO YOU KNOW: Midway Heights Elementary School

Midway Heights Elementary School opened in 1956.