CoMo You Know: History

COMO YOU KNOW: Guitar Street

Guitar Street, which once ran between Walnut Street and Broadway at the current location of the Daniel Boone City Building, no longer exists but was influential in the early days of Columbia.

COMO YOU KNOW: Columbia Cemetery

The Columbia Cemetery was established two centuries ago in 1820.

COMO YOU KNOW: Gaines/Oldham Black Culture Center

The Black Culture Center began in 1972 at the Black Culture House, a haven for black students at MU.

COMO YOU KNOW: Boone County Historical Society

The Boone County Historical Society operates a museum, an historic house, art gallery and historic village in Nifong Park.

COMO YOU KNOW: Berry Building

The Berry Building is a former warehouse in downtown Columbia that has been converted into a mixed-use development.

COMO YOU KNOW: John William "Blind" Boone

John William "Blind" Boone, who died in 1927, was a famous ragtime pianist who became one of the first African-American musicians to be recorded by the QRS piano roll company.

COMO YOU KNOW: McBaine bur oak tree

The largest bur oak tree in Missouri is located in Boone County.