CoMo You Know: People

COMO YOU KNOW: Mary Hussman

Mary Hussman is a long-time activist in the Columbia community. Before she retired, she was recognized by both chambers of the Missouri legislature for her efforts.

COMO YOU KNOW: Norm Stewart

Norm Stewart is a former Missouri student athlete and a retired men's basketball coach.

COMO YOU KNOW: Elizabeth B. Miller

Elizabeth Miller is the International Communications Coordinator at MU International Programs. Once a school teacher, Miller enjoys the richness of different cultures and is inspired to help others to see the world.

COMO YOU KNOW: Shannon Welker

On May 9, 2013, Shannon Welker became the third head gymnastics coach in Mizzou history.

CoMo You Know: Greg Rhodenbaugh

Greg Rhodenbaugh is the Missouri swimming and diving team’s head coach.


Kim Presko is finishing her first year as principal of Battle High School. Presko said it is "special" to work for a school named after Muriel Williams Battle, a woman who hired her for a math teacher position in 1990.

COMO YOU KNOW: Louis P. 'Tony' Antimi

Antimi was the baseball player, coach and groundskeeper for which Antimi Sports Complex in Cosmopolitan Park is named.


Matt Akins is a videographer, local activist and creator of the organization Citizens for Justice, which focuses on recognizing and addressing misconduct in the local legal system.

CoMo You Know: Frank Haith

Frank Haith was the coach for the Missouri Tigers men’s basketball team from 2011 to 2014.

COMO YOU KNOW: Kim Anderson, Missouri men's basketball coach

Kim Anderson is the new head coach for the Missouri's men's basketball team. He played for Missouri from 1973-77 and is ranked among the school's top-20, all-time scorers.

COMO YOU KNOW: Tim Jamieson

Tim Jamieson is the head coach of the Missouri baseball team, entering his 20th season in 2014. That makes him the longest-tenured head coach at Missouri and only the second coach the program has had for the past 40 years.

COMO YOU KNOW: Chris Kelly

Chris Kelly is a representative for downtown Columbia, including MU, Stephens College and Columbia College. 

COMO YOU KNOW: Stephen Webber

Rep. Stephen Webber, D-Columbia, has been a state representative since 2008. When he was elected, he was the youngest member in the Missouri House of Representatives.

COMO YOU KNOW: Caleb Rowden

Caleb Rowden is Missouri's 44th District state representative, and represents both Boone and Randolph counties.

COMO YOU KNOW: Kurt Schaefer

Kurt Schaefer is a member of the Missouri state senate. He has represented Missouri's 19th district since 2009. He is also a partner at the Kansas City law firm Lathrop & Gage.

COMO YOU KNOW: Chris Gervino

Chris Gervino has been a sports director at KOMU since 2000.

COMO YOU KNOW: Father Augustine Tolton

Father Augustine Tolton was born in Missouri and was the first black Catholic priest in the United States.


Don Faurot is a former MU football player, coach and influential figure for which Faurot Field, MU's football field, is named.


Dave Yost is a coach for the Missouri Tigers football team. He is the team’s offensive coordinator, quarterbacks coach, placekicker coach and recruiting coordinator.

COMO YOU KNOW: Chris Belcher

Dr. Chris Belcher has worked in the education field for 28 years in various teaching and administrative positions.