CoMo You Know: Places

CoMo You Know: Village of Cherry Hill

In the southwest corner of Columbia lies the Village of Cherry Hill. Designed to give the feel of a small town and invite people to the town square, Cherry Hill is warm and inviting.

COMO YOU KNOW: Arrow Rock Lyceum Theatre

The nonprofit theater has been staging productions since 1961.

Missouri Food Bank Association distributes record haul in 2013

Last year, the Missouri Food Bank Association collected more than 117 million pounds of food, which means more than 97 million meals.

COMO YOU KNOW: Columbia Mall

The Columbia Mall, located on Bernadette Drive, has more than 100 stores.

COMO YOU KNOW: Columbia Cemetery

The Columbia Cemetery was established two centuries ago in 1820.


COMO YOU KNOW: Gaines/Oldham Black Culture Center

The Black Culture Center began in 1972 at the Black Culture House, a haven for black students at MU.

COMO YOU KNOW: Flat Branch Pub and Brewing

Flat Branch Pub and Brewing is located at 115 S. Fifth St. The pub serves a wide variety of food and is known for its beer.

COMO YOU KNOW: East Campus

The Columbia neighborhood is bounded by Old 63 (east), College Avenue (west), Rollins Street (south) and East Broadway (north).

COMO YOU KNOW: Devil's Icebox

The Devil’s Icebox is a double sinkhole in Rock Bridge Memorial State Park that offers a view of the underground stream and cool, refreshing air.

COMO YOU KNOW: Daniel Boone City Building

What is now the Daniel Boone City Building was once known as the Daniel Boone Tavern, a hotel and informal community center.

COMO YOU KNOW: Columbia Regional Airport

Columbia Regional Airport is owned and operated by the city and is overseen by a 13-member advisory board.

COMO YOU KNOW: Berry Building

The Berry Building is a former warehouse in downtown Columbia that has been converted into a mixed-use development.

COMO YOU KNOW: Activity and Recreation Center

The ARC is a 73,000 square foot health club, fitness center and place to exercise run by Columbia Parks and Recreation.

COMO YOU KNOW: Mizzou Arena

The $75 million facility opened in 2004. It hosts Missouri men's and women's basketball games as well as concerts and other events. Capacity is 15,061.

COMO YOU KNOW: Shanthi Mandir Hindu Temple

The temple focuses on bringing together the community by opening its doors to all sects of Hinduism.

COMO YOU KNOW: Columbia Municipal Power Plant

The publicly owned power plant is operated by the city to provide not-for-profit electric service by burning coal, gas and oil.


The 63 Diner, which opened in 1989, is known around Columbia for its old-fashioned cheeseburgers, french fries and malts.

COMO YOU KNOW: Shryocks' Corn Maze

Shyrocks' Corn Maze is an annual fall activity on the Shyrocks Callaway Farm that invites visitors to explore all 15 acres of corn maze, which is mowed into a new design each year.

COMO YOU KNOW: Ellis Fischel Cancer Center

The hospital, committed to providing cancer prevention, detection and treatment, was the first cancer center west of the Mississippi River.