From Readers

FROM READERS: Art and music bring Civil War history to life at MU

Artists to bring Civil War history to life for its 150th anniversary through art and music.

FROM READERS: Mary Ann Anglen, 85, describes her life

Mary Ann Anglen details her life, which has been full of adventure, service, learning and travel.

FROM READERS: A fan's letter about Dorial Green-Beckham to Coach Pinkel

Brad Willis writes: "I can explain to my kids that Green-Beckham doesn’t play for the Tigers anymore. I’m not sure I could explain to them how I’m rooting for a coach who values winning over doing what’s right."

ArtTalk: Local artist produces textured paintings, most recently of animal eyes

Scott Kronk works largely with thickened acrylic-based media and pallete knives.

ArtTalk: MU student produces music for artists across U.S.

MU student Darron Edwards Jr. creates instrumentals for rappers and singers for mixtapes and albums. He is a producer who enjoys working with people and their creative visions.

FROM READERS: Ignorant remarks about immigrants anger and offend

Najeebah Hussain, a Rock Bridge High School student and Web comic artist, illustrates her response to a girl's remarks about an exchange student's English, stressing the beauty of America's "great Melting Pot."

Children, parents share first kite flying memories

On Saturday, the city held its annual Kite Flying Day at Douglass Park. We asked children and parents what they remember about the first time they flew a kite.

FROM READERS: Family receives 'Donut Seeds' in mail as prank

The mysterious package recommended that the seeds be planted April 1.


FROM READERS: Not getting a beach body before spring is OK

Although eating healthy and working out may not immediately result in changes to your body, there are other benefits that are well worth the effort.

FROM READERS: High school rivals unite as team in college sports

Once high school rivals, seven Rock Bridge and Hickman alumni have come together on the Missouri track and field team in pursuit of the same goal.

Students share spring break experiences on social media

From sandy beaches to giving back to the community, Columbia residents traveled near and far this past week for spring break. 

FROM READERS: Humans of Mizzou Facebook gives students a voice

The Facebook page Humans of Mizzou shares the thoughts, goals, accomplishments and fears of MU students through their own voices.

FROM READERS: Christian Science speaker Mark Swinney to talk Saturday

Mark Swinney, CSB (Christian Science Bachelor), will offer thought-provoking revelation during a public talk at 7 p.m. Saturday at the Columbia Senior Activity Center at 1121 Business Loop 70 E..

FROM READERS: Where have all the folk singers gone?

1984's Band Aid and other musical projects for charity have had short lifespans and only momentary influence. Artists like U2's Bono haven't seemed to inspire wider support.

FROM READERS: 5 things millennials consider when planning a trip

This spring break, many college millennials are gearing up to travel all around the states in hopes of having the ultimate experience. YAYA Connection compiled a list of the top 5 things millennials consider when planning a trip.

FROM READERS: What is that on his back?

Missouri athletes honor their multicultural backgrounds on their backs — some only on the field of play and others permanently.

What If...? Conference sparks social media contemplation

Entrepreneurs, innovators and creative minds took to Twitter on Saturday to give the social sphere a taste of the curiosity that "What If" had to offer.

ArtTalk: Local photographer uses light to complement her subjects

Artist Elena Plackis specializes in painting photography and sculpture. In this column she discusses her inspiration and process.

FROM READERS: House mom reflects on changes in Greek Town, role in sorority

Sorority house moms are not only present to oversee the day-to-day operation and maintenance of the house, but also to lend support, give advice and cheer accomplishments.

Any Questions: Are there still pay phones in Columbia?

A reader asked, and we answered. Pay phones do still exist in Columbia, if you know where to look.