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FROM READERS: A guided tour of this year's Super Bowl ads

Students from the YAYA Connection agency collaborated and watched the most buzzed-about commercials. Here are the ones you might want to be on the lookout for during Sunday’s game. Hint: puppies and beer.


ANY QUESTIONS: When is it safe to skate on Columbia park lakes?

To check the status of the ice on the lakes, visit the the department’s twitter account, @CoMoParksandRec.

ANY QUESTIONS: What's the MU residence hall policy on pets?

A nonvenomous snake escaped in an MU residence hall. According to MU's policy, any pet-related damage to university or student property must be paid for by the pet owner.

FROM READERS: Up close with a bald eagle at Eagle Bluffs

Robert Behne has returned to Eagle Bluffs regularly to take pictures since his mother first took him two decades ago. Recently, he had a new experience.

FROM READERS: Help your children find the right role models

Many hypocritical celebrities gladly accept the money and glory that come with their star status — but they neglect the responsibility to be a good role model.


FROM READERS: 'Someday I will Rest' questions true meaning of rest, relaxation

Michael Tomkins has held many different careers and travel adventures. In this poem, he wonders about the nature of rest, using imagery from nature.

FROM READERS: MU freshman runner took national stage after injury at cross country championships

Although Kaitlyn Fischer was injured at the cross country national championships last year, she started the current indoor season with a good attitude. She'll compete in the 3,000 and 5,000 meter distance events.

TELL US: What are Columbia's sidewalks like in the snow?

Share your experiences with snowy sidewalks and roads in Columbia.

FROM READERS: Columbia man shares poem, "A Little Thought"

Michael Tomkins has traveled the country and held many different jobs and hobbies, including poetry. He drives a truck now, but he'd like to quit and travel to India in the future.

FROM READERS: MU alumna gets second chance to be a kid with Teach For America

Caroline Dobrez's classroom is filled with students who are learning about academics and how to work with others. Dobrez values their love, strength and spirit and wants to give them a chance to enjoy their childhoods.

FROM READERS: How to care for the environment

A series of small steps, such as limiting pesticide use and recycling, can have a positive effect on our planet.

TELL US: What's the view where you work? (And how does it compare to this robot?)

We want to know what's unusual about the view where you work. Email If you can, include a picture.

FROM READERS: Social media cleanse leads to anxiety-free month

Rock Bridge senior Brittany Cornelison realized in her month-long social media fast that the social distractions didn't shake her focus so much as the anxiety caused by missing out on new information. "(Social media) is like a drug; we cannot get our fill, so we keep coming back."

TELL US: What were your top 10 sports moments of 2013?

You've seen our favorite sports moments of last year. Now tell us what we left out. Reorder our top 10 moments or add your own with this interactive tool.

FROM READERS: MU student balances school, sports, consignment store

Kate Gallagher, a senior finance major at MU, co-founded an on-campus consignment store while balancing school and a position on the MU women's golf team.

FROM READERS: Switch to Stephens College public relations department answers questions

Janese Silvey, a reporter-turned-PR-professional at Stephens College, explains all the things she's learned and loved about her job since making the switch.

FROM READERS: How to bird watch

If you can be patient and appreciate getting a glimpse into the natural world around you, bird watching can be especially rewarding.

FROM READERS: Local writer says weight loss helps her live fuller life

After reading Gracia Burnham's "In the Presence of My Enemies," Teresa Shields Parker realized living a healthy life is easy when you have access to healthy foods and exercise. Being spiritually fit is just as important as being physically fit.

FROM READERS: Tips for a happy, healthy holiday

Mica Newman, a doctor at Missouri Valley Physicians, advises that a flu shot, healthy snacks and smart alcohol consumption can help make your holiday season brighter.

FROM READERS: What swimming can teach us about health at any age

Steve Drake, a health writer, explains how swimming gives him a feeling of physical and mental well-being.