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FROM READERS: Mid-Missouri Citizens Climate Lobby to launch Monday

On Monday, a group of local residents will launch the mid-Missouri chapter of Citizens Climate Lobby with a workshop.

HOMECOMING: Where in the world are MU alums?

FROM READERS: Local author talks about release of new book in fantasy series

Eric Tripp writes fantasy/adventure tales. The third and fourth books are scheduled to be published respectively on Nov. 12, 2013, and Dec. 13, 2014.


FROM READERS: Bike Resource Center offers MU students free repairs

The center aims to save students money on potentially costly bike repairs, as well as educate them about the rights and responsibilities bikers have on the road.

FROM READERS: What I learned from Almeta Crayton

Almeta Crayton believed in her community and the importance of being connected to the people living in it.

FROM READERS: Gene Robertson shares lessons from Almeta Crayton

Share your tribute to or memory of Almeta Crayton by emailing

FROM READERS: Reader shares short story, 'Marlboro Ned'

As the doors glide open, he takes another puff of his Marlboro Red, a kiss good-bye to his lover, which he flicks aside in a classic gumshoe fashion, and enters into the belly of the whale.

FROM THE NEWSROOM: Share your questions about what we do

Curious about how infographics are made or headlines are written? Confused by the accuracy check process? Want to know more about the difference between obituaries and life stories? Ask and we will answer.

FROM READERS: Reader shares poem about funny experience

Margaret Prezioso-Frye wrote a poem after a store cashier mistakenly took her for an actress.

FROM READERS: Give 'peeps' a chance

The Food Bank communications coordinator, Scott Gordon, shares his experience with an MU journalism student and encourages us all to "give peeps a chance."

FROM READERS: What I've learned from leading walking tours

Kellie Kotraba, editor of Columbia Faith & Values, writes about what she's learned about the community and community engagement through her work.

FROM READERS: Voice your opinion on downtown access, circulation, parking

The members of the Access, Circulation and Parking Committee invite community members to give their say on city plans.

FROM READERS: International student's dream of attending MU comes true

MU senior Paula Ottoni dreamed for years of attending college in America. After nearly 14 moves and a financial crisis that devastated her family, Ottoni became an international student at MU. This spring, she will graduate.

FROM READERS: Thank you, Almeta Crayton, for your service

Columbia is keeping its collective eye on the medical condition of Almeta Crayton, the city's first black councilwoman, who is in critical condition. The Missourian is inviting you to share your messages of thanks.

FROM READERS: Humans vs. Zombies president reflects on friendships formed while fighting undead

Joe Rexwinkle loves the chaotic, but close-knit, atmosphere of the game Humans vs. Zombies. The next game starts Nov. 6.

LET'S TALK: The underreporting of rape and sexual assault at MU

The Missourian's ongoing coverage of the problem of sexual assault aims to encourage dialogue that can lead to change.

FROM READERS: Why does work suck in your 20s?

Patrick Miller, with The Crossing's campus ministry at MU, urges 20-somethings to stay motivated when working less-than-stellar jobs. Success isn't necessarily measured by money or promotions.

FROM READERS: Bank employee shares passion for Relay for Life

Tatha Todd, a Boone County National Bank employee, shares how cancer has affected her life and what she does to help others fight the battle.

ANY QUESTIONS: Where do Columbia recyclables go?

Parts of the process change every month, so there's no one answer available.

FROM READERS: How to clean the inside of your desktop computer

Cleaning the inside of your desktop computer two times a year can prolong its life.