From Readers

FROM READERS: College student donates plasma for extra money

MU senior Grant Whaley said the plasma center was easy to work with and the experience was generally positive.

TELL US: How has your experience been with new student housing?

Are you a resident at an off-campus student housing complex in Columbia? The Missourian wants to know about your housing experience.

ArtTalk: Columbia artists, share your creations or creative process

Submissions can be about visual art, music, writing, jewelry, street art, dance — even school projects. Professionals and hobbyists alike are invited to contribute any work they consider to be artistic or creative.

FROM READERS: Student group encourages others to accept natural beauty

Students at Stephens College started an initiative called Random Acts of Beautiful as a response to one student's experience with a friend committing suicide.

TELL US: How was the city's response to this week's snow?

The Missourian wants to hear your perspective — complaints, compliments and concerns welcome  — about how the city has done responding to this week's snow.

Wednesday road conditions in Columbia: Contribute your observations

This is a map of road reports from journalists and readers. Help us make it more complete by sharing what you see — out your window or around town.

Snow blankets Columbia on Tuesday

Snowy roads kept Columbia residents largely homebound Tuesday as snow fell for the better part of the day.

SOCIAL SNOW: Wednesday's winter weather, as seen on social media

The Missourian is collecting weather-related posts from social media to offer a look at the world beyond your window.

FROM READERS: Mourning for a beloved friend

John Hall and members of his family had a memorial breakfast of sorts for his dog, Toby, who died Wednesday. Each person chose a dish that Toby would've enjoyed eating.

ANY QUESTIONS: What's the story behind the McAlester Annex and the escaped monkey?

The Mizzou Steam Tunnel Monkey's ghost is said to haunt campus, and some have spoken of seeing an outline of the monkey rising from the steam.

Super Bowl, Super Ads? Twitter reacts to commercials throughout game

Attention was squarely on ads Sunday night on Twitter, with Columbia viewers commenting on heartfelt or questionable spots throughout the game.

FROM READERS: A guided tour of this year's Super Bowl ads

Students from the YAYA Connection agency collaborated and watched the most buzzed-about commercials. Here are the ones you might want to be on the lookout for during Sunday’s game. Hint: puppies and beer.


ANY QUESTIONS: When is it safe to skate on Columbia park lakes?

To check the status of the ice on the lakes, visit the the department’s twitter account, @CoMoParksandRec.

ANY QUESTIONS: What's the MU residence hall policy on pets?

A nonvenomous snake escaped in an MU residence hall. According to MU's policy, any pet-related damage to university or student property must be paid for by the pet owner.

FROM READERS: Up close with a bald eagle at Eagle Bluffs

Robert Behne has returned to Eagle Bluffs regularly to take pictures since his mother first took him two decades ago. Recently, he had a new experience.

FROM READERS: Help your children find the right role models

Many hypocritical celebrities gladly accept the money and glory that come with their star status — but they neglect the responsibility to be a good role model.


FROM READERS: 'Someday I will Rest' questions true meaning of rest, relaxation

Michael Tomkins has held many different careers and travel adventures. In this poem, he wonders about the nature of rest, using imagery from nature.

FROM READERS: MU freshman runner took national stage after injury at cross country championships

Although Kaitlyn Fischer was injured at the cross country national championships last year, she started the current indoor season with a good attitude. She'll compete in the 3,000 and 5,000 meter distance events.

TELL US: What are Columbia's sidewalks like in the snow?

Share your experiences with snowy sidewalks and roads in Columbia.

FROM READERS: Columbia man shares poem, "A Little Thought"

Michael Tomkins has traveled the country and held many different jobs and hobbies, including poetry. He drives a truck now, but he'd like to quit and travel to India in the future.