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FROM READERS: Reflections of a Latino during Hispanic Heritage Month

Miguel Ayllon, president of MU Voz Latina, is grateful to Columbia for the opportunities it has provided him. He also urges other Hispanic people in leadership positions to advocate for social justice and inclusion.

FROM READERS: Charles Davis, former MU journalism professor, reflects on move home to Georgia

Charles Davis recently took over as dean of the University of Georgia's journalism school. Although the former MU professor feels nostalgic for Columbia, he has no doubt "the old Bulldog is home."

FROM READERS: Alternative Spring Break helps students find their niche

Mason Kerwick went on his first Alternative Spring Break trip in 2012, and it proved to be the experience that helped him find himself and feel at home at MU.

FROM READERS: Columbia bikers collaborate to inform public on bike safety

Nina Wajrowski, an MU student and bike-riding advocate, wants people to join her for a Critical Mass bike ride on Wednesday to make cars aware of bikers who ride in the street.

FROM READERS: Young filmmaker's documentary challenges standardized testing

Ankur Singh took a semester off school to film a movie about the human side of public education debates. He has just completed the documentary, called "Listen," and says his inspiration came from a troubling high school experience.

FROM READERS: Man kayaks 15 miles on Missouri River to support cleanup efforts

Graham Zimmerman of Jefferson City was one of more than 150 people who competed in the fourth annual Race to the Dome, a kayak and canoe race held to raise money for Missouri River Relief.

IN THE WORKS: Identifying problems, seeking solutions in early childhood education

If you’d like to share your experience with preschool or early childhood education and care, please contact us at or call the newsroom at 573-882-5720 and leave a message for Marie.

FROM READERS: The Missouri-Kansas rivalry is still alive

Sports enthusiast and journalism student at Arizona State University Jeff Vinton writes about the history and continuation of the Missouri-Kansas rivalry, despite switching conferences.

Got a skill? Share it as part of Missourian's how-to guide

Show off your expertise and teach us something. We want to tap into and share the expertise of our diverse community in a how-to guide in our From Readers section.

FROM READERS: Health specialist busts a few myths

We get enough fluid in the foods we normally eat, especially when we eat more foods like fruits and vegetables, which are mostly water. There’s no scientific basis for the “eight glasses” myth.

FROM READERS: Coal Free Mizzou more than a club for one student

Coal Free Mizzou meets with administrators and energy processionals on a monthly basis,and talks of energy transitions are promising, Kelsey Wingo says.

FROM READERS: Columbia student raises awareness about Syrian relief efforts

In late June, Radhia Khenissi and some friends held a fundraiser to help people affected by the unrest in Syria. They raised $23,000.

FROM READERS: For mother, 'inspiration' has a deeper meaning

Jordan, 7, and her mom, Jen Reeves, watched Aimee Mullins speak Wednesday at MU. Reeves and Mullins grappled with the word "inspirational" and when it should be used as a compliment.

FROM READERS: You're invited to celebrate Grandma Janet's life and spirit

Help celebrate the life and legacy of my mother, Janet Barnes, and her unsinkable, unstoppable, fighting spirit.

Where: Riechmann Pavilion
 at Stephens Lake Park
, 2300 E. Walnut Street 
Columbia, MO 65201

When: Oct. 17 from 4:30 p.m. until around 7:30 p.m.


FROM READERS: Rodents are more than pests, they're animals

Angel Becker raises hamsters, gerbils and rats. Some she has purchased and others she has rescued. Each of them have special significance to her.

FROM READERS: HB 253 has costly effects for students

Higher education tuition would become less affordable to students under House Bill 253.

FROM READERS: Les Bourgeois Vineyards celebrates annual grape harvest

Activities included pumpkin painting, wine-cork crafts and grape stomping.

FROM READERS: Stephens College starts news blog highlighting campus happenings

SC-Scene will inform people "about events, student successes, performances and other campus happenings" and may also serve as an outlet for Stephens to comment on community issues.

FROM READERS: MU students create successful startup business

MU students Kyle McCarthy and Connor Hall share their journey to making Hall Exchange, a website for students to safely buy, sell and trade items.

FROM READERS: Father of Ashland teen describes events leading up to son's death

John Meadows, father of Ashland teen Jacob Meadows, remembers his son as talented and loving person and writes about the senseless nature of his death.