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FROM READERS: Music still sings in Georgia Morehouse's heart

Georgia Morehouse is an active volunteer in the community, working for the Women's Symphony League and the Missouri Symphony Society. One of their yearly events, the Piano Student Showcase, is on Nov. 16.

FROM READERS: Cupcake Club encourages creativity, community, friendly competition

The Mizzou Cupcake Club meets once a month and has a different theme that uses new techniques.

FROM READERS: Stephens College alumna comes back to Columbia after 53 years

Carol Kelley came to Missouri to support the Florida Gators, but she ended up reconnecting with memories from 53 years ago.

FROM READERS: My confession: I'm a 'trichster'

Melissa Gephardt, an MU student, recounts her struggle with trichotillomania — a disorder characterized by the compulsive urge to pull out one’s hair in response to stress, anxiety or depression — and how she eventually learned to accept herself.

FROM READERS: MU student Cole Karr shares pictures of fall colors

Cole Karr, an MU strategic communication student graduating in December, has lived in Missouri for most of his life and has made documenting landscapes a hobby. He took these photos at various mid-Missouri locations in September and October.

FROM READERS: Marcia Shannon writes about women in agriculture, shares conference vision

The “Pearls of Production: Women in Agriculture” conference is an opportunity for women involved in livestock production (specifically sheep, goats, beef, swine and forages) to learn about agriculture issues and gain hands-on training in livestock production with guidance from other professional women.

TELL US: What were Columbia's most memorable sports moments of 2013?

What moment in Columbia sports from this year will you never forget?

FROM READERS: Dagorhir: The closest you can get to medieval combat

Dagorhir is a Medieval Combat Sport many confuse with LARPing, or Live Action Roleplay. Medieval Combat Sports are different in that they are strictly skill based. You live or die entirely because of your skill with a blade, rather than a magic spell or arbitrary hit points.

FROM READERS: Fairview students collect 2,669 items for food bank

Fourth- and fifth-graders at Fairview increased collections over the 2012 food drive.

FROM READERS: Columbia club recognized for work with Missouri Girls Town

The General Federation of Women's Clubs Tuesday Club was recognized at Missouri Girls Town for donations between $100,000 and $249,999.

ANNIVERSARY: Joe and Judy Zimmermann celebrate 50th anniversary

The Fulton couple will celebrate five decades of marriage Nov. 9.


FROM READERS: A story about the luckiest mouse alive

Lucky Inochii is a mouse who is fortunate to be alive. Angel Becker helped nurse the mouse back to health after it was tangled in its bed.

IN THE WORKS: Share your stories of food insecurity

If you or someone you know has had to deal with not being able to afford food, please get in touch with reporter Andrew Brown. He is working on a series about how food insecurity affects Missouri residents.

FROM READERS: How to demonstrate citizenship to children

Remember the ever-watching eyes of children and try to teach them the fundamental rules of basic citizenship.

FROM READERS: Friend Joy Randle shares photos of time with Almeta Crayton

Joy Randle was a friend of Almeta Crayton's, and she brought these photos to the Missourian's newsroom for us to share.

FROM READERS: The sad decline of the bur oak tree near McBaine

After a 1993 flood, a nearby gravel road was relocated and has aided in the deterioration of the tree.


FROM READERS: Columbia resident fosters 144th dog

Columbia resident Melissa Kron began fostering dogs four years ago. Now, she's on her 144th one and has no plans on stopping.

FROM READERS: Anti-MU22, a new campus group, promotes healthy self-image

As a freshman, it can be hard to avoid the lures of Pokey Stix and Jingo's. Anti-MU22 is a Mizzou-recognized organization that promotes living a healthy lifestyle.

FROM READERS: Faculty award winner says MU was window to a larger world

Ruth Brent Tofle, recipient of the 2013 Distinguished Faculty Award, acknowledges coming to MU as the moment she steered onto a global personal path — which has been dotted with journeys to Morocco, Tunisia and China — and learned to appreciate diversity.

#MIZWhereRU? MU alumni share where they ended up post-graduation

We asked Mizzou grads: #MIZWhereRU? They told us when they graduated and where they ended up for this Homecoming collection.