From Readers

FROM READERS: Homegrown Art Show to take place at Mojo's on May 5

Lindsay Lewis shares the inspiration and plans for Homegrown Art Show, which will take place May 5 at Mojo's.

TELL US: How is growth in Columbia affecting your life?

The Missourian is working on a series of stories dealing with progress and growth, and we want to get our readers' perspectives on issues such as traffic, housing and schools.

FROM READERS: Dismantling a backyard tree

John Hall shares photos of a tree being cut down in his backyard and the birds that came to check on what happened to part of their habitat.

FROM READERS: Columbia resident remembers demolished house on Paquin Street

Lori Campbell, a former MU student, shares her special connection to the house she lived in during the summer before her senior year. The building, formerly on Paquin Street, has since been demolished.

FROM READERS: Net-zero energy home and Earth Hour aim to raise environmental awareness

Efforts to make a more energy efficient Columbia are underway due to the work of  environmental organizations in the city. On March 23 from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Columbia citizens will turn off their lights and other electrical devices to celebrate Earth Hour.

FROM READERS: Meditation on a new feline

MU senior Eric Staszczak recently took a leap of faith and brought a 2-year-old cat home with him.

STORIFY: Columbia basketball teams play in end-of-season tournaments

Whether their teams won or lost, fans of Missouri men's basketball, Columbia College men's basketball, Rock Bridge girls basketball and Hickman boys basketball took to Twitter to root for their schools.

TELL US: Who are your youth sports All-Stars?

Are you especially proud of your first-time little-leaguer? Do you have words of public thanks for a dedicated coach? Help us tell your stories.

FROM READERS: Professor discusses pros and cons of Paleo diet for athletes

Pam Hinton is an associate professor of nutrition and exercise physiology at MU. She details the potential costs and benefits of starting a Paleo diet for endurance athletes.

FROM READERS: Newman Center kids learn about Pope Francis through puppets, bingo

Joe Bradley found ways to help kindergartners at St. Thomas More Newman Center understand what it means for the Catholic Church to have a new pope.

FROM READERS: John Hall's camera captures creatures during winter's final days

Photographer shares photos from a late winter's day.

FROM READERS: Shakespeare's fundraiser will support teen leaders

Shakespeare's is holding a 15 percent Back At Ya on Thursday to raise money to send members of Students' Say to New York.

TELL US: What historic places in Columbia are special to you?

What places in Columbia do you want to make sure get remembered, preserved or celebrated? As Columbia grows and changes, we want to hear from you.

FROM READERS: Resident shares thoughts on Columbia's 2013 Most Notable Properties

Dianna O'Brien, a freelance writer, shares her thoughts on historical preservation and the properties added to the Columbia Historic Preservation Commission's 2013 Most Notable Properties list.

TELL US: What would you like to ask your City Council candidates?

We want to know what you think of the stories we're covering and which stories you wish we would cover.

FROM READERS: Winners of the Optimist Clubs of Columbia 2012-2013 oratorical contest

Pat Brown, the chair of the oratorical committee and member of the Downtown Optimist Club, shares the first, second and third place winners of the 2012-13 oratorical contest.

FROM READERS: '52 degree ode,' a poem inspired by warmer weather

Margaret Prezioso-Frye shares her latest poem, which is inspired by the warmer weather Columbia experienced over the weekend.

FROM READERS: Loyalty is an important attribute to be learned in the Army for MU graduate

MU graduate Steve Coller tells of his service with the Army Security Agency in Vietnam and what lessons he learned from it.

FROM READERS: Poetic syllogism helps to remember vocabulary in a new language

Margaret Prezioso-Frye shares some verse that has helped her learn vocabulary in Spanish.

FROM READERS: MU's Black Women Rock! awards to be presented March 9

This year’s awards will be presented at 6:30 p.m. March 9 at Conservation Auditorium. Women are recognized for humanitarian work and work in education, politics or creative arts.