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COMO SOCIAL: What Columbia is talking about on Reddit

Communities around the topics of Columbia, Mizzou and Missouri on Reddit are talking about different things such as a recent shooting, luxury housing and if Missouri is considered southern.

FROM READERS: A tale based on the idiom 'never look a gift horse in the mouth'

Margaret Prezioso-Frye shares a tale based on the proverb that says you should "never look a gift horse in the mouth."

FROM READERS: In Supreme Court rulings, the end of 'separate and unequal'

Columbia resident Robert Stinnett wrote about the Supreme Court's Defense of Marriage Act and Proposition 8 decisions, "In an instant, a huge weight had been lifted for gay people everywhere."

FROM READERS: Eliot Battle 'was always the perfect gentleman'

Charlotte Dean writes of Eliot Battle's friendship and family pride. Read more reader tributes, and share your own, here.

FROM READERS: Darrell Foster 'was a big man with a big heart'

Gene Robertson delivered this eulogy at the memorial service for his friend Darrell Foster, who died June 17.

Columbia glimpses largest 2013 supermoon

Columbia residents took the opportunity to tweet photos of the moon and discuss its pros and cons. If you missed it last night, the next time you'll be able to see a moon as big will be in August 2014.

FROM READERS: The last days of spring

Frequent contributor John Hall shares some photos from the last days of spring.

FROM READERS: Jefferson impersonator shares wisdom gained from 168 blood donations

Patrick Lee recently made his 168th Red Cross blood donation, earning him a 21-gallon pin. He shares what he's learned from 45 years of blood donations.

FROM READERS: Woodhaven hosts gala to support the food bank

In its second year, Woodhaven's Red Carpet Gala collected 880 pounds of food for the Food Bank of Central and Northeast Missouri.

FROM READERS: You described your fathers as 'strong,' 'dedicated' and 'loyal'

We asked readers to describe their fathers, and they responded with stories and photos of dear old dad.

TELL US: What does being 'green' mean to you?

We're doing some reporting on the ways people in Columbia are reducing their impact on the environment. Will you share your perspective?

FROM READERS: Nancy Rogers honors her father's outlook on life

Memories of a father who lived life as he cherished it and taught his daughter to do the same.

FROM READERS: Eliot Battle 'has left a great legacy'

Reader Mary Jo Roberts, Dr. Marjorie Southard Roberts and Merlin Wood contribute this tribute to Eliot Battle, a longtime Columbia educator who died Tuesday.

Christina Salmon and Daniel Hopkins were married March 23

Christina Kari Salmon and Daniel Jacob Hopkins were married at 7 p.m. Saturday, March 23, 2013, at the First Christian Church in Columbia.

FROM READERS: When I was in trouble, 'Eliot Battle stepped in'

Eliot Battle's lone recommendation allowed Jana. L. Earnest Wilson to attend college.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: Gene Robertson touts Battle's 'change from within' philosophy

In this column from 2012, Dr. Robertson writes about how Eliot Battle worked to improve Columbia and MU.

FROM READERS: Eliot Battle 'found me in the middle of giving up'

Carl W. Kenney II, a newspaper columnist and instructor at Duke University's Center for Documentary Studies, contributed a reflection on the life of Eliot Battle.

FROM READERS: Eliot Battle made a 'personal investment of time in me'

Ben Henick, a 1991 graduate of Hickman High School, contributes a reflection on how Eliot Battle impacted his life.

FROM READERS: Collected tributes to Eliot Battle

Eliot Battle, an educator in the Columbia Public Schools for more than 40 years, passed away on Tuesday night. Here, Columbia remembers Battle and the contributions he made to the Columbia community.

FROM READERS: Come hear a free show tunes performance from Stephens College

The end-of-season musical production "A Little Show Music" of the Summer Theatre Institute at Stephens College will be 7:30 p.m. June 17 at Macklanburg Playhouse. It's free and open to the public.