From Readers

FROM READERS: It would have been my daughter's first birthday

Shane Epping shares the story of his family's journey, in text and photos, and of his daughter, who died one day before she was born.

FROM READERS: Why do writers write?

The editor-in-chief of the Stephens College literary magazine Harbinger shares the reasons behind why she writes and what the magazine means for writers and readers alike.

FROM READERS: What to do when visiting Columbia for the first time

Melinda Schnyder, a former Columbia resident, gives her advice on where to eat, drink and what to do outside if you are a first-time visitor to Columbia.

FROM READERS: Mother argues same-sex benefits would save tax money

Jennifer Sprague, a mother of triplets, wrote this essay a year ago about the difficulties of obtaining medical benefits for same-sex couples while pregnant with her children.

Fans analyze Pressey's decision to enter draft

Phil Pressey announced Wednesday that he will enter the NBA draft. Fans react and dissect his decision.

FROM READERS: A day in the life of the birds in John Hall's backyard

Local photographer John Hall documents an argument between Sally and Sylvester Sparrow, disgruntled tenants in one of the birdhouse properties John rents, as well as the doings of several other backyard animals.

FROM READERS: 20th century mythology — and the story of a woman and three men

Margaret Prezioso-Frye shares her short story "20th Century Mythology — Woman Still the Root of Evil" with the Columbia Missourian.

ANY QUESTIONS: What do you want to know about Columbia?

Are you trying to figure out what store is being built near your house or when the next city election is? Let us help.

TELL US: What do you hope people will say about Battle High School?

In a sentence or a few paragraphs, let us know how you hope Battle will be known a year from now.

FROM READERS: Media coverage of UFO phenomena found lacking by Columbia resident

Bill Wickersham gives his opinion on media coverage of UFO phenomena, which he has been interested in for more than 50 years.

FROM READERS: PS:Gallery exhibit showcases spring's renewal

Antoine Matondo shares thoughts on PS:Gallery's newest exhibit, which began on April 2 and showcases renewal and rebirth as represented by six artists.

FROM READERS: John Hall shares images of blue herons and lesser yellowleg sandpipers

Blue herons and lesser yellowleg sandpipers are the recent focus of John Hall's photography.

FROM READERS: An accidental case of homemade confetti

Joe G. Dillard shares a story about a lawn mower accident, during which he learned how to make homemade confetti.

FROM READERS: USSVI commander looks to memorialize submarine veterans

Ed Irwin, who retired from the Navy in 1982, is now the commander for the United States Submarine Veterans, Inc. base in Jefferson City.

STORIFY: What did you expect? Online reaction to Columbia's new marketing slogan

Columbia residents took to online outlets to express their feelings toward the Columbia Convention and Visitors Bureau's new logo and slogan, which was unveiled April 4.

FROM READERS: Mourning in the P.M.

John Hall sights a relative of the Mourning Dove, the Eurasion Collared-Dove, in his backyard along with some squirrels and Purple Finches.

FROM READERS: What is the meaning of 'DMamily'?

I can’t imagine what my senior year would have been without my DMamily. We laughed together, we yelled at each other, and we pushed each other to our limits. So much of what we did this year was building– we tried new things, and just had to trust that we would either figure it out, or not mess up too badly.

SURVEY: Win free pizza by telling us about your news habits

Willing to offer the Missourian a window into what kind of news you seek and where you get it? You'll be entered to win a $25 Shakespeare's gift card when you take the survey.

FROM READERS: Derrick Fogle shares picture-a-day series of Flat Branch

Derrick Fogle has taken a picture every day this year of the same spot at Flat Branch. Check out the collection of time-lapse photos here.

FROM READERS: Cardinals baseball excitement reaches a fever pitch

Amanda McCutchen shares her love of St. Louis Cardinals baseball.