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ArtTalk: School of Metaphysics hosts dream-inspired art show

Walter Hrycaj, director of the School of Metaphysics, shares information about an art show that will take place April 26 to 28 at the School of Metaphysics.

FROM READERS: MU student highlights young entrepreneurs

Monica Cook, an MU senior studying textile and apparel management, has created a weekly video series called "The Young Entrepreneurs."

FROM READERS: Columbia second-graders participate in Bird Day

Columbia second-graders learned about many different kinds of birds on April 25, as part of a collaboration between the Columbia Public Schools science office and several local organizations.



FROM READERS: What it means to be 'rocker' for Rock-A-Thon fundraiser

One person sits in a rocking chair on the corner of Ninth and Broadway for three days without getting up, while fraternity members solicit donations for cancer research.

FROM READERS: A letter to Dysautonomia

Carrie Boone is an Army wife, mother of of four children, and an advocate for those who suffer from chronic illnesses. She writes an open letter to Dysautonomia.



FROM READERS: Vultures, doves and yet another snowfall

John Hall shares his photos from his mid-Missouri surroundings.

FROM READERS: A collection of photos from Eagle Bluffs

Robert Behne has been taking pictures at Eagle Bluffs for many years, ever since his mother first showed him the area 20 years ago.

FROM READERS: Stephens environmental club raises recycling awareness with children on Earth Day

Women of the Earth began this fall as a way to let students work with facilities to promote earth-friendly efforts on campus, said freshman Maile Wortham, the group’s president. She's hoping the club continues to grow over time.

FROM READERS: Stephens College faculty, staff receive recognition for outstanding accomplishments

A 2000 Stephens graduate, Dan Schultz traded his acting career — which included stints on Law & Order and in the movie Chapter 27 with Lindsay Lohan — to return to his alma mater to help future actors avoid silly mistakes that could be detrimental when starting a career.

FROM READERS: MU student implements nutrition plan for after-school program

MU student Lauren Sedlacek recently developed a nutrition and curriculum plan for Grade A!, an after-school program at For His Glory Ministries.


FROM READERS: What can the works of Wagner say about Germany's future?

W. Arthur Mehrhoff will be singing in the MU Choral Union on April 25. He discusses the background behind one of his favorite songs that the group will sing.

FROM READERS: MU graduate learned value of public service from military experience

Jim Weber, a 1963 graduate of Jefferson City High School, believes that one of the most profound lessons he has gleaned from his time in service is the importance of being a "servant-oriented individual."

FROM READERS: Finding balance on a bike

Mike Best, the creator of BOCOMO Bikes, shares a descriptive account of a beautiful bike ride during which he felt balance.

FROM READERS: MU student shares her thoughts on Earth Day

MU senior Sara Bryan discusses what Earth Day means to her and her thoughts on the environment.

FROM READERS: Mother writes 'my purpose in life has now been put in front of me'

Robin Friedrich shares her baby's journey with hydrocephalus in the hopes of raising awareness and encouraging research for a cure.

FROM READERS: MU student shares her thoughts on 'Going DMald' for the kids

Jessica Plumart reflects on the experience of shaving her head at MU Dance Marathon's Main Event in a show of support for the Miracle Kids of MU Children's Hospital.

STORIFY: Hail barrage strikes Columbia

Hail as large as golf balls struck Columbia on Wednesday afternoon.

FROM READERS: Black men contribute to positive community atmosphere

Gene Robertson shares stories of a black men in the Columbia community who are giving back.

FROM READERS: 'Bowling for Tax Dodgers' event shows impact of tax breaks

Robin Acree, the executive director of Grass Roots Organizing, shares the group's Tax Day activities in Columbia and discusses the reasoning behind them.

FROM READERS: Columbia pastor shares his reaction to violence at Boston Marathon

Steve Swope writes that physical and emotional wounds will not be erased by attempts at justice, and he encourages us not to give into hatred.