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FROM READERS: 'The Riveter' champions journalism by women

Former MU students Joanna Demkiewicz and Kaylen Ralph founded "The Riveter," a women's long-form and lifestyle magazine, at MU in 2013. The pair will travel from Minneapolis to Columbia this weekend as part of the magazine's subscription drive launch.

Social scenes from the True/False Film Fest

Get a behind-the-scenes social look at the 2015 True/False Film Fest.


FROM READERS: Getting 100 retweets earns teen doughnuts from the superintendent

A Rock Bridge High School student's Twitter exchange with Peter Stiepleman ended with a special delivery.

FROM READERS: A glimpse into an intern's experience at Douglass High School

MU senior Rachel Brackney shares her experience as an intern and volunteer at Frederick Douglass High School.

FROM READERS: Shape-note songs are powerful, complex

Lou Kujawinski is a member of Sacred Harp, a group that sings using shape notes. Kujawinski shares more about the group and his experiences.

FROM READERS: LGBTQ advocate reflects on growing up in small town

MU freshman Hannah Feagan shares the lessons she's learned moving from a small, rural town to Columbia.

TELL US: Weigh in on how Columbia's City Council works

The Missourian wants to know how much attention you're paying to the upcoming council election and your expectation of council duties.

Columbia Farmers Market vendors discuss winter challenges

We talked with vendors, entertainers and customers at Saturday's farmers market at the Parkade Center. We also asked vendors about the challenges of a winter farmers market.

FROM READERS: Filmmaker brings animation project to life

MU graduate Erin Heatherman is raising funds for an animated short film about three musicians competing for a crowd's attention.


FROM READERS: Bloggers continue looking for the perfect burger

Burger bloggers, Mark Dahl and Richard Hauschild, evaluate Columbia burger restaurants based on the burger, sides, service, ambiance and location.

FROM READERS: Rugby culture one of respect

The sport is not especially popular in America, but once people expose themselves to it, they're usually hooked.

FROM READERS: Rock Bridge student honors aunt in art

Margie Crosby's award-winning artwork was inspired by her aunt who had Lou Gehrig's disease.

FROM READERS: Local hurling player hopes to introduce the sport to Columbia

After meeting another player at a roller derby match and watching a YouTube video, Joshua Crabtree was sold on playing hurling.

FROM READERS: Battle football team honored for state title

The Missouri General Assembly honored the state champion Battle High School football team Wednesday in Jefferson City.

FROM READERS: MU student reflects on her experience with 'The Vagina Monologues'

"The Vagina Monologues" member Samantha Franks wants to stop talking only about abuse and start talking about survival, too.

FROM READERS: Molly Deimeke finds comfort in Brain Injury Support Group

Molly Deimeke, a survivor of a traumatic brain injury and member of the Brain Injury Support Group in Columbia, shares her story.

FROM READERS: Comedy calms anxiety for MU student

For MU student Josh Ejnes, comedy is a chance to play a character and escape his anxiety for a while.


FROM READERS: A hummer, not a singer

Clyde Bentley says he's becoming "one of those really annoying old men: deaf as a post but sitting in the corner humming at increasingly high volume."

8 adorable animals from Monday's #CoMoSnow

Furry friends throughout Columbia have been enjoying the snow. Here are our favorites.

FROM READERS: Student athlete reflects on sacrifices, rewards

Sometimes Maria Effinger, a member of the MU track and field and cross country teams, has to make sacrifices. But when she gets ready to race, those sacrifices are forgotten.